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Vacation, Vacation

I'm so excited!  Today is July 1st, which means that we will be at the beach in 22 days!  Our vacation always comes at the end of a very long summer.  We will have already traveled all over the place, spent many days and nights away from home, but … Continue Reading

A Rear View

If you took a peek inside my car, you might assume that I have two very young children - babies, infants.  Two identical, large, rear-facing car seats take up the back, leaving very little room between them in the middle of the bench seat.  But you … Continue Reading

Home Again

Ahhhh, what a weekend. My husband and I had a fabulous weekend away from our kids with our friends JR and Rachel.  Friday afternoon, about an hour after returning home from a trip to Ohio (Tuesday through Friday), we greeted my mom, who had … Continue Reading

Product Review: Kalencom 2-In-1 Potette Plus

Now that we are a week and a half into full-on potty training with Miles, I thought it would be good to review a product that we have been using, the .  I had read great reviews of this product by friends and bloggers and since we do a good amount of … Continue Reading

Holiday Shopping – #5

Episode 5 Artwork

Catching up on holiday travels, Jamie's pregnancy, Krista's whole household being sick Holiday Shopping for Kids's Toys That Get Played With list (we mention lots of great toys on the list!) Christmas gift strategies On … Continue Reading

Traveling with kids sucks.

Yeah. I said it. This time, it hasn't been the actual driving part that has been the worst (though it was terrible), but just the part where you are visiting someone else's house. We spent Thanksgiving with my father in law and his fiancée and all … Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Plans

I am traveling today, so I'll make this brief! What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Who will you be spending the holiday with this year? … Continue Reading

Travel Tips – #4

Episode 4 Artwork

Jamie and Krista record in the same room! We discuss: Packing for travel with kids Car and plane travel tips Dealing with schedule disruptions How to make the most of your trip Products mentioned: Fisher Price Healthy Care … Continue Reading