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Perfectly Summer with ID’s Iced Coffee & Lemonade Stands!

When I think back to my childhood, the nostalgia of summer burns brighter than most seasons. Long days full of running, swinging, exploring, biking, and everything else that makes summer fantastic. Like nearly every other midwestern kid who grew up … Continue Reading

Entertain in style with products from Trudeau!

Ahhhhhhh, summer. If school isn't out where you are yet, you're about to feel it. The sweet, lazy days of summer. Even if you'll be working and going to the office all summer like I am, there's just something about summer. Those longer days mean more … Continue Reading

Summer Stuff

Summer, you have zapped me.  I had all these plans for a productive summer and between the heat and our air conditioning going out in our home, I feel pretty lazy and out of it.  I think I'll mostly blame the heat pump compressor. Home … Continue Reading

Summer Fun Awaits!

The unofficial beginning of summer is near! If it hasn't begun already in your home, it's coming soon!  If you are a teacher, you probably have a public (or secret!) calendar of Days Left hanging somewhere and you are anxiously ticking off the … Continue Reading

Water Water Everywhere

You know how sometimes you get something for your kids and you're really excited about it but you aren't sure how they'll react?  Maybe you think they won't like it but then they are thrilled?  Or sometimes you think it'll be the greatest toy ever … Continue Reading

Magic Mesh Review

"CLOSE THE DOOR PLEASE!...MILES, PLEASE CLOSE THE DOOR!...GUYS!  THE DOOR!" or... *click click click*...*click click click* Which one sounds better to you??  Yeah, that's what I thought.  Who wouldn't prefer the quiet, almost undetectable … Continue Reading

Backyard Waterpark

Ahhhh, the lazy days of summer. Even if your children aren't in school for 9 months of the year, there's still something awesome about summer.  Everything feels more relaxed (even if your schedule is anything but), those longer days make you feel … Continue Reading