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“I don’t wanna play.”

Parenting has been full of surprises.  From "Wow, I've never seen that color of poop before!" to "How are you awake right now?  It's 4:00am!", I'm constantly amazed by new things about my kids.  Some of them are really sweet surprises, such as the … Continue Reading

Sensory Play

Sensory play.  It sounds more intimidating than it is, I promise. While it might make you think you will have to create some impressive playscape that does all kinds of special things, I assure you that anyone can do this.  You probably already … Continue Reading

Un-Sporty Spice (That’s a Spice Girls reference)

I'm joining in on the NaBloPoMo fun over at BlogHer and becoming inspired to write every day!  Want to join?  Click the badge below to get started! I am not a sporty person. If you know me at all, this statement isn't a surprise to you.  My … Continue Reading

Brothers In Crime

It took nearly a full 20 months, but it has happened.  Just when I was starting to worry it would never happen. My boys are starting to play together! My oldest, Miles, is 3 years old.  He's at the age where some kids are playing nicely with … Continue Reading