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Get Your Sweat On with Sara Haley’s Sweat Unlimited

Whether you work in or out of the home or are primarily employed by your children, moms are busy people. If it's not board meetings, it's the never-empty laundry hamper consuming our time. With all the things moms have to do in a day or week's time, … Continue Reading

Move It!

We're hearing from Trista again as she updates us on her healthy life changes!  Remember, we have a giveaway from Green Kid Crafts going on right now!  Don't miss your chance to win 3 craft kits from this great company!  We also have a giveaway for a … Continue Reading

Work-Outs and the Over-Worked Mom

If you hop on the internet and Google postpartum weight loss or workouts, you will be met with a very modernized, western philosophy that encourages postpartum sedentary lifestyle habits. Your search will leave you feeling guilty that you want to be … Continue Reading