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Observe, Compare, Contrast

As much as I try not to, I frequently find myself comparing my identical twin boys Luke and Cole with each other. Sometimes I feel really guilty about it, because I don’t want to create competition between the two of them. But at this early stage of … Continue Reading

Proving Us Wrong

It has been just over three months since I first posted about some concerns we had about our oldest son's development.  Since that first post, we have worried with fears that he was behind in speech and social aspects but thriving in more academic … Continue Reading

On Our Own

This probably won't be the most upbeat of all my posts, just to give a fair warning.  I'm writing about our Early Intervention evaluation which happened just this afternoon, so I'm still trying to think it through myself. Today, we had a lovely … Continue Reading

Breastfeeding In The News – #17

Parenting Chit Chat - Dairy issues, walking toddlers, developmental fears, sleeping, and weaning from the pacifier Congratulations to the new parents and newly expecting parents in the playdate crashers family! We discuss breastfeeding in the … Continue Reading

Onward Into The Unknown

Today we will meet with a caseworker from our state's Early Intervention program for our first in-person meeting.  It shouldn't be a very exciting appointment -- mostly paperwork -- but hopefully after tomorrow or the next few days we will have a … Continue Reading

Waiting and Wondering

I haven't said much about what's going on with my oldest son and I still don't want to share everything that's happening, but I'm ready to open up a little more.  So here goes... For about a year, we have been struck by how quickly and naturally … Continue Reading

Mommy Gut

My mommy gut is bothered. Eventually I'll get into more specifics, but as for today, I'm emotionally drained from worry, anxiety, and guilt.  The short story is that my husband and I have some concerns about one of our sons, developmental … Continue Reading