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My love/hate relationship with Halloween

What I love about Halloween: It's fun to dress up in costumes. It's even more fun to dream up said costume and put it together as creatively as possible. And little kids in costumes are just down right adorable (most of the time). I love the … Continue Reading

Homemade Halloween

If you read my post about Halloween costumes last week, this post might be surprising.  (Or not, I don't know.  If it were me, I'd be surprised...but I'm not the boss.) Over the weekend, I had one of my flurries of creativity and was suddenly … Continue Reading

Halloween Costumes: To Make or Buy?

Let's talk about Halloween costumes, shall we? We all know that I'm so uncrafty it hurts, right?  Yes.  Good.  (Don't be fooled by my tutorial posts, they're so easy a monkey could do them.)  Well, even though I'm a disaster with scissors, every … Continue Reading