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Review: Duraflame Roasting Logs

There's nothing like a campfire.  Whether you are camping in the woods, have a fire pit in your back yard, or a fireplace in your home, there's just something magical about that crackle of a burning fire that makes you feel good.  It's homey, it's … Continue Reading

DIY Mess Kit Bags

Camping is fun, but it has the potential to produce a lot of trash.  Any time you're in a new location, you almost have to start over, creating a living space for everyone in your party.  That can get messy.  Seeing as how camping is supposed to get … Continue Reading

Summer Fun Awaits!

The unofficial beginning of summer is near! If it hasn't begun already in your home, it's coming soon!  If you are a teacher, you probably have a public (or secret!) calendar of Days Left hanging somewhere and you are anxiously ticking off the … Continue Reading

A Backyard Campout

One of the things I miss about our pre-kid days is camping.  And yes, I know it's possible to camp with young kids, but almost everything is possible.  But I don't think it's a stretch to say it's a little more complicated to camp with young … Continue Reading