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Tutorial: Haircuts At Home

We really need to stop referring to our youngest son as "Baby."  He is almost 14 months old, is walking, and is starting to talk (well, mostly jabber, but you know what I mean).  After he turned one, my husband and I started to start using his name … Continue Reading

Breastfeeding In The News – #17

Parenting Chit Chat - Dairy issues, walking toddlers, developmental fears, sleeping, and weaning from the pacifier Congratulations to the new parents and newly expecting parents in the playdate crashers family! We discuss breastfeeding in the … Continue Reading

Change It Up!

It's that time again!  The snow is gone (here, anyway), the days are longer, and it's time to trade in our sweaters for shorts! I should be excited that my littlest one, who is just now really starting to take off walking (at almost 14 months, in … Continue Reading

*Giveaway Closed* Belle Fille Boutique Mama Necklace Giveaway!

This giveaway ended on Friday, April 8th, 2011!  Thank you for entering! We are thrilled to have a new giveaway sponsored by Daphne at Belle Fille Boutique!  Daphne is the mama behind some beautiful mama necklaces (for nursing and/or teething), … Continue Reading

Amazing Baby Development

Most of the time life is so hectic and we are so sleep deprived that we can easily miss out on some of the wonders of child development. I was reflecting today on how awesome the human body is and how babies develop. They go from being totally … Continue Reading

What the?!?: Infant Inflatable Neck Collar Float Ring

We're introducing a new post series about things that make playdate crashers think, "What the?!?"... When I first saw the infant inflatable neck collar float ring I couldn't believe my eyes! This is pretty shocking. We want to hear your opinion … Continue Reading

Away We Go!

We are driving home from a quick trip to Ohio right now and I'm posting this from my husband's iPhone. My apologies if there are embarrassing errors! We are racing against the clock on our drive home. If all goes well, we will arrive at the same … Continue Reading

Winding Down

I can feel that the end is coming. As my little one grows and becomes more engaged with the world around him, I sense that soon he will no longer need to have the comfort of nursing from his mama. He turned one almost a month ago. By this … Continue Reading

Sunday Giggles

I thought you might enjoy a quick re-telling of something that happened in our house this morning. I was getting the boys ready for church and they needed to take a bath.  So they were in the tub while I put on my makeup.  I looked over and saw … Continue Reading

Springing Forward

Daylight Savings Time is weird. Time zones, losing hours, gaining hours...that stuff gives me a headache.  So it's no surprise that I don't do much to "prepare" for Daylight Savings Time changes.  But I know some of you do, so tell me how you … Continue Reading

The Other Side Of Grumpy

"Oh, hello happy child!  I've missed you!" My baby turned one last week.  He also had his one year well child appointment on Tuesday and with that appointment of course came his vaccinations.  He got three, including the chickenpox and Hepatitis A … Continue Reading

Product Review: Snug Around by Anaya Papaya

One of the big problems I have when I wear my sons out in public is that their pants always hike up to their knees, exposing their shins.  This isn't a huge deal in warm weather, but in the late fall, winter, and early spring, this can be a real … Continue Reading

Back For Seconds – #16

We discuss:  second opinions, tongue tie and frenotomies, Krista's hoarding tendencies, photo book plans, the Playdate Crashers Lexicon, Will's big fall, parenting differences the second time around, Jamie's plans to lose baby weight, and dinner … Continue Reading

NICU Survival Tip: Go Home?!?!

The NICU can be a scary and overwhelming place. I remember going up to the NICU only a few hours after my C-section so I could see my babies as soon as possible. It will be hard to erase the memory of the frequent 3 minute hand washes, the smell of … Continue Reading

*Giveaway Closed* Quick Giveaway!

Giveaway Closed!  Congratulations to Carrie M., the winner!  We have more giveaways coming soon, including a Kawaii One Size Diaper and a $25 gift card! We are giving away a code for $10 off your purchase at the Baby Store at! Please … Continue Reading

Elimination Communication – What?!

Thanks for letting me guest post about EC! It’s definitely one of my passions and something I can talk or type about for hours! So let me try to break it down into something easy to swallow if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of EC… bear with … Continue Reading

Potty Time – #15

It's Potty Training Week for The Playdate Crashers! We discuss: Jamie's toddler adjusting to having brothers, Krista's son's upcoming first birthday, a hilarious baby poop story, potty training techniques and methods, and one crazy bottle … Continue Reading

Birth Story: Miles

My birth story begins on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008.  I went to my 38 week appointment and I was hoping to get some good news (that I had dilated and effaced more) since I'd been having pretty painful contractions off and on.  I was still 1 cm and … Continue Reading

From the NICU to the Breast: Stage 2

This post is part 2 of a post series that I writing about my experience leaving the NICU with bottle fed preemie babies (twins) and our adventure transiting to exclusive breast feeding.  Read about Stage 1 here! Stage 2: Well, unfortunately I … Continue Reading

Thank Heaven For Boys

I remember how I felt on the day my ultrasound confirmed that I would be having a boy, back in March 2008.  I also remember how I felt in October of 2009 when I learned we would be adding another son to our family. To say I mourned for a dream … Continue Reading