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Why Babies Are Like Your Drunk College Roommate (Guest Post)

akathewife twitter profile pic

We're running around like crazy today, making our final preparations for BlogHer '12, so enjoy this guest post from Jen of Also Known As...The Wife!  Jen is one of the bloggers we'll be meeting this week at … Continue Reading

Milestones, yours or mine?

Our failed attempt at sitting the boys up for a fall photo. :)

"Your baby does what?" I feel like anytime I see my friends post about the newest milestone their babies are reaching I am in complete and total shock. Several of my facebook friends and I were all due within a few weeks of each other, mid March- … Continue Reading

Friday Night Feeding Frenzy

"I'll have the Virgin Merlot" (aka grape juice)

Many of our readers have been interacting on our Facebook page, discussing an article about whether or not restaurants should be able to ban young children from dining in their establishments. If we were honest with ourselves, I think we would all … Continue Reading

Product Review: Lamaze Books


Most people know that reading to their children is important.  What many people don't know is that even when your children are babies, they can benefit a great deal from regular reading with their parents.  Even at very young ages, children can learn … Continue Reading