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Media Kit

The Playdate Crashers

Life’s A Playdate.  Crash It.

The Playdate Crashers strive to create a judgement-free zone for parents to discuss parenting, career, and everything in between.

Why Work With The Playdate Crashers?

  • I have a dedicated base of followers who trust me and my word.
  • I am gaining popularity outside of my base.
  • My dedicated followers recommends my blog to others.
  • I consistently receive search engine traffic based on my content.
  • I have had featured posts at

“I came across this blog recently and she is nothing short of genius. Krista’s humor is right up my own alley! If you are looking for a good honest laugh, she is your lady!” – Danielle (Listed on Danielle’ s “50 Blogs You Should Be Reading”)

“Your post was fabulous! I loved all the great details and pictures. So cute! I really liked how you talked about each of the different books and the importance of reading. A true delight to work with you and Jamie!”  – Heidi, representative from a company whose product we reviewed

“I just read your review. I thought it was thorough and concise. I appreciate your praise and your honesty…Thank you so much for hosting this topic for your readers.” – Guru, representative from a company whose product we reviewed

I love that it feels like I’m just chatting with friends over coffee while our kids play (hence, the Playdate Crashers name), and I’m almost always jotting down some website or other resource they share.  – Jen, reader and listener

The following is a small sample of the brands I have worked with on product reviews:

I have also participated in successful campaigns with Rivet & Sway and Shaklee Cinch!

I post a variety of content, including product reviews, anecdotes and stories, tutorials, video reviews, audio podcasts, and other fun features.  

Traffic & Audience

The following information about my audience is based on Google Analytics for the period of October 1 – 28, 2012

Unique Visitors:  4,014

Pageviews:  6,803

Social Media

I currently have 906 followers on Twitter.  I use Twitter to communicate information and links about our newest posts, scheduling Tweets 3-5 times throughout a 24-hour period.  I also Tweet to our followers and others about various topics, including parenting and products.

The Playdate Crashers’ Facebook Page has been “Like”d by 475 individuals.  The Facebook Page is used more frequently than the Twitter account by those who closely follow the blog.  I ask my readers questions, post links to my newest posts, and discuss many topics.

We are using HootSuite’s service to schedule Tweets/Updates about my posts and I cross-publish my Facebook posts to Twitter.  I also use Pinterest’s Pin It button to drive traffic to relevant posts from Pinterest.

Advertisements and Reviews

Ad Pricing


Ad Policy

  • There will be no refunds on ad purchases.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any ad based on content of the ad or the product or site being promoted.

Review & Giveaway Policies

  • Product reviews will only be done when a sample is provided.
  • Second product samples are requested, but not required, for giveaways to my readers.
  • Samples will not be returned.
  • Negative reviews will not be posted.  In the rare event that I feel we cannot give a positive review of a product, the company will be contacted.
  • There are no guarantees that I will review unsolicited items.  Please contact me directly to arrange for reviews and/or giveaways.

In addition to more traditional reviews and giveaways on our blog site, I am happy to host Twitter parties to generate more discussion and attract more attention to your brand.  I would love to work with you on other creative ways to work together to advertise your product or service.

Krista Dulaney
The Playdate Crashers