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Mama’s Gonna Get Organized!

Every year, it's the same thing.  I get to this point of the year, with the craziness of the season, and I lament about how disorganized my life and environment have become.  I mope about the sad state of my kitchen counters and am disappointed in … Continue Reading

Wish List: The Ladybug Game & Party Gras by Zobmondo!

My husband and I both come from families that love playing board games.  My mom is not happy unless at least one game has been played at every family gathering.  Brandon's mom had a huge metal cabinet filled with board games.  So when I say that my … Continue Reading

Krista’s 2011 Christmas Picks For Tots

My kids might be a little older than Jamie's, but that doesn't mean they know what they want any more than hers! Our kids are Miles, age 3.5, and Spencer, who will be 2 in February.  Miles has been reading for almost a year so he loves letters and … Continue Reading

Jamie’s 2011 Christmas Picks for Tots

At 2 1/2 and 10 months, I still get the pleasure of picking out toys for my kids because they can't read yet and have limited outside influences on their play choices. For the past couple of months, Will has been obsessed with "Mighty Machines" aka … Continue Reading

Wish List: Starfall

My son is kinda nerdy.  Yeah, I know, he's only 3.  But I can tell, he's going to be like his parents.  Nerdy.  In a good way. Why do I say that?  Well, because he wants to spend most of his time on the computer or on one of our many … Continue Reading

Wish List: Patch Products Games & Toys

We love games here at the Dulaney house.  I could hardly wait for Miles to start playing board games.  We got him his first board games last year, when he was 2.5.  Since then, he has gotten more games at his birthday and will be receiving some this … Continue Reading

Wish List: Highlights for Children High Five Magazine

A magazine for preschoolers?  Why not?! When my mom first suggested getting my son Miles (then 2.5) a subscription to Highlights High Five Magazine last year, I wasn't sure what to think.  It sounded like fun, but I wasn't convinced he would … Continue Reading

Wish List: Scentsy Fragrances

I have heard a lot of great things about the fragrance company Scentsy and am so thrilled I got to review some of their products. I received the adorable Silent Night mini-plugin warmer and four different scent circles (Clean Breeze, Pima Cotton, … Continue Reading

Wish List: “Mama Stories”

About two years ago, I helped my parents record a small book of nursery rhymes for Miles.  My mom had either thought of the idea on her own or seen it suggested on one of the many websites with ideas for bonding with your grandparents.  She also had … Continue Reading

Wish List: Piggy Wiggies

I don't know about you, but I need a week-long buffer zone between Trick or Treating and Christmas talk.  We're kicking off our 2011 Wish List series today!  You'll be hearing about some of the products on our Wish Lists for both kids and adults!  … Continue Reading