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Recipes for Women on the Go

Today I'm honored to bring you recipes for women on the go from Chef Gaby Dalkin! When you're looking for a delicious snack or a way to spice up a get-together, try Twistos! Here's that breaded chicken fingers recipe Gaby mentions in the … Continue Reading

Making Healthy Choices is a Cinch!

How do you continue to make healthy choices after making mistakes? Read my Month 3 update post here! … Continue Reading

Losing and Gaining

What can you gain while you lose weight and inches through changing your eating and activity? Read Krista's 2 Month Cinchspiration update and enter to win a Cinch Starter Kit! Disclaimer:  Results and experiences from the Shaklee 180 … Continue Reading

#Cinchspiration – Your day is waiting.

#Cinchspiration is happening soon! Keep coming back for more! … Continue Reading

Thank You, Christmas Crashers!

Blogging can be a pretty self-centered hobby at times.  Speaking for myself, it's easy to get caught up in the ME part, where it's all about what I think of a product or how my kids aren't sleeping well and woe is me.  We felt we needed to do … Continue Reading

Boba 3G Video Review

If you saw my previous baby carrier review, which included carriers from both Boba and Beco, you know that I ended up purchasing the Boba 2G and absolutely love it!  We've used it everywhere -- the park, the wildlife reserve, the aquarium, walking … Continue Reading

Observe, Compare, Contrast

As much as I try not to, I frequently find myself comparing my identical twin boys Luke and Cole with each other. Sometimes I feel really guilty about it, because I don’t want to create competition between the two of them. But at this early stage of … Continue Reading

TwinTrexx Carrier

Babywearing is a great way to carry your child safely and nurture the bond between mother and child. There have been many times as a mother of twins that I wished I could figure out how to wear both babies at the same time in a safe and comfortable … Continue Reading

What you don’t want to hear when you’re stuck on Hospital Bed Rest

So, I had a rough day earlier this week. The nice CNA that I had seemed to think that I would feel better listening to her complain. So I made this xtranormal video to vent my frustrations. (She really is nice, she just doesn't know any better. Still … Continue Reading

Baby Carrier Review

After you view the video, click here to find out what Krista ended up purchasing! … Continue Reading