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Just Because I Can… a Lesson in Parenthood Efficiency

A couple weeks ago, I experimented with an event that can best be described as Super Bath. Bathing three kids every night is time consuming and hard, doing it when your flying solo for the evening - crazy. Usually I would just forget about it and … Continue Reading

We gave him the belt!

Recently, Alex and I ventured out of our fox hole with all three kids in tow to have a nice dinner at a local restaurant. I didn't happen to think about the fact that it was a Friday night, which generally means that most places are packed. When we … Continue Reading

Tutorial: Haircuts At Home

We really need to stop referring to our youngest son as "Baby."  He is almost 14 months old, is walking, and is starting to talk (well, mostly jabber, but you know what I mean).  After he turned one, my husband and I started to start using his name … Continue Reading

Ready to Paci-Wean?

Before I had kids, I swore that my child would never have pacifier still when he was able to talk. I briefly considered taking it away after his first birthday because I knew it would only get harder the longer we waited, but my husband took pity on … Continue Reading

Great Use For Leftover Universal Gift Cards

I know that there are probably several of you who received universal gift cards for Christmas. Well if you are like me, there will probably be a point in which you have spent all but $6.92 cents. While these kind of cards are nice because you can use … Continue Reading

MacGyver Mommy

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I can tell you this is true. It's not the first time I've had to cobble together some sort of useful creation because I was in a pinch, but Sunday I had to come up with a little invention to … Continue Reading