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Archives for October 2014

Review: EZLeaps

Independence is a TOUGH thing to teach your kids! Early on in your kids' lives, whether or not you realize it's happening, parents start teaching their kids to do for themselves. We teach our kids to go to sleep unassisted, to feed themselves, and … Continue Reading

Review & Giveaway: VTech InnoTab 3S Plus

VTech is showing parents everywhere that it's possible to merge fun and learning through their InnoTab 3S Plus Wi-Fi learning tablet! Kids love gadgets -- they love playing fun, sometimes complicated games that make lots of noise. But not only do … Continue Reading

Review: Firefly Star Wars Ready Go Brush

Who would have thought that my kids would enjoy brushing their teeth so much? But with the new Firefly Star Wars Ready Go Brush toothbrushes, brushing your teeth is fun! So long, begging and cajoling when it toothbrushing time! My boys are … Continue Reading