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SafetyTat Review

It seems like there’s some kind of switch that gets flipped in women when they have children. They may have been the most carefree, easy-goes-it person ever, but once that baby is here and YOURS, the worry switch goes from off to on! I never considered myself a worrier, but now every little thing makes me anxious and worried about my boys.

SafetyTatIt’s important to not over-stress over silly things, but there are times that cause a little extra stress. Going to crowded places with my kids does kick the anxiety up a notch, but there’s a simple product that can put my mind at ease. SafetyTats are safe, easy to use tattoos for kids to wear so that moms and dads can worry less!

SafetyTat write-on or original tats can be used at amusement parks, trick or treating, large parks, or other big events as a “just in case” way to provide a way for your child to be reunited with you if they should become lost. They’re so simple to use:  pick the spot you will apply the tattoo (SafetyTat suggests the inside of the forearm, but you could go with the upper arm, a nice traditional tat spot), clean it with the provided alcohol wipe, peel the tattoo off the large piece of backing, hold it firmly in place for 20 seconds (another way to practice counting with little ones!), peel off the top pieces of backing (kinda like a Band-Aid), then write your cell phone number on the tattoo with the special marker. The SafetyTat stays adhered to the skin and it doesn’t come off in water (we tried!). You can leave it on for up to two weeks, perfect for long and short vacations! When you’re ready for it to come off, it easily peels off like a strong sticker.

I tried the SafetyTat on both of my boys and they both tolerated the experience quite well. Here’s what Spencer (3.5) thought of his SafetyTat:


We plan to use our SafetyTats when we travel to Disney World in the spring. I love that one SafetyTat should be enough to get us through the entire week! But even more than that, I’m looking forward to the peace of mind, knowing that the boys will be prepared with a way to quickly find me if they get separated. It’s not likely that they’ll get lost, but if they do, SafetyTat is there just in case! The SafetyTat website has other great safety tips for travelers! I’ll be doing some role playing with the boys before our trip, and part of it will include practicing showing Disney cast members their SafetyTat! By taking a look at the Testimonials page of the SafetyTat website, it’s clear that using SafetyTats at Disney is a popular way for them to be used!

SafetyTat has other great products for families as well, all of them well-priced for budget-conscious shoppers! A six-pack of SafetyTats is only $9.99 and you can get them at, many online retailers, and store locations in most states! Pick up a pack of SafetyTats so that you’re always prepared, just in case!

Disclosure:  SafetyTats sent me a complimentary 6-pack of SafetyTats for our family to try out for this review. I was not paid for this review and I was not required to write a positive review. These thoughts are my own!

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Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.