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Puffs Fresh Faces

It snowed today. Just a few little flurries blowing around, but still. Snow.

I’m so not ready for frigid temperatures and what has become synonymous with the change of seasons:  runny noses and crusty little faces in my house. I’m constantly amazed by how much gunk can come out of my boys’ noses when they’re dealing with a cold. So.Much.Snot.

300 A few years ago, Jamie introduced me to Boogie Wipes, a saline wipe for kids, to clean off those crusty faces and clear up the nose ickies. Little Busy Bodies, the makers of Boogie Wipes, have just come out with Puffs Fresh Faces — a saline wipe for adults! Whether you’re dealing with a crusty nose yourself, need to clean off your face after a workout or a long day at home/work, moms need saline wipes too! Puffs Fresh Faces sent me a fabulous blogger box full of samples of Puff Fresh Faces, a few Boogie Wipes, and some other goodies, and I’ve been using them regularly at home, work, and in the car.

Here’s what I love about Puffs Fresh Faces:

  • They’re so much better than grabbing a baby wipe to clean up your face. I have no desire to smell like a baby’s butt, even if it’s a clean butt. Baby wipes have a distinct smell, and it’s one that lingers…I don’t want that smell lingering on me, especially not on my face.
  • fresh facesThe scents of these wipes is fresh and pleasant but definitely not overwhelming. It doesn’t smell like you spilled perfume on your face, which is good, especially when you’re feeling under the weather. The one with a hint of Vicks is PERFECT for someone with a cold. The other scents are Light Lavender, Fresh Scent, and there’s an unscented version as well.
  • The package reseals really well when you remove a wipe and the rest of the wipes don’t get all bunched up when you take just one out. Your wipes will still be wet the next time you open up the package.
  • They clean makeup off really well! I’ve used makeup removal wipes before and they also have a distinctive smell that’s all chemically and gross. I think Puffs Fresh Faces wipes clean even better than those wipes and do it with natural saline!

My boys, who regularly use Boogie Wipes during cold season, also loved using Puffs Fresh Faces. They just clean their little faces so much better and more gently than with a dry tissue. My oldest, Miles, always gets red, irritated skin when he over-wipes his nose with tissues, so saline wipes by Little Busy Bodies are such a lifesaver for his face!

Puffs Fresh Faces are perfectly sized to keep in your purse, car, gym bag, desk drawer, bathroom drawer, or anywhere else you need to freshen up your face! They come in a 15 count package as well as a 45 count, which is more suited for your office or bathroom. You can buy them near the tissues at Walmart and Target stores, as well as several online retailers. The 45 count retails for about $4.99.

Holiday Bonus — Want your child to become the teacher’s pet? Boogie Wipes sells a Teacher’s Kit, which is $22 and has like a billion Boogie Wipes. Get one for your child’s teacher for Christmas, they’ll love it 🙂

Pick up some Puffs Fresh Faces today and your face will thank you for it. Fresh faces and happy moms!

Disclosure:  I was sent a complimentary box of Puffs Fresh Faces products to facilitate my review. I was not paid for this post and these thoughts are my very own. 

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