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Summer Reading Wrap-Up

Goodreads is taunting me. Every time I log on to update my current books I’m reading, it tells me how behind I am on my goal of reading 100 books in 2013. I’m at 42 of 100 right now, so I’m a mere 22 books behind schedule. Oops.

Anyway, since a lot of the books I’m reading are Advanced Reading Copies that I received via NetGalley, I wanted to share with you the titles and my thoughts on some of these books. (This post contains affiliate links, so if you click the book cover photo and purchase the book on Amazon, I receive a small percentage of the sale to keep the blog going!)

Countdown, by Michelle Maddox

This book is apparently a re-worked version of a book originally published in 2008. The author re-did the story to feature teenagers, not adults as in the original. It begins when the main character wakes up in a dark room with a stranger. She quickly learns that she has been forced into some sort of ultra-cruel televised game show where the contestants win or they die.

It immediately makes you think of The Hunger Games, but they’re very different. The individuals running the game aren’t part of the government, which is the main difference. The premise is somewhat similar, but it doesn’t read anything like Suzanne Collins’s trilogy. The action moves very quickly and I found it very hard to put it down!

I recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of dark dystopian thrillers.

Beta: Project Avatar, by A. M. D. Hays

Another fast-moving thriller, this book is a novel about Dee Lockwood, a woman who does contract cryptographic work and finds herself being pursued after receiving a beta version of a sophisticated phone app. Beta, the high-tech application that is like a souped-up version of Siri for iPhone, assists Dee in an international race to find the answers before she is eliminated by those who want to capture her.

I absolutely loved the characters in this book, especially Dee Lockwood and the maybe-retired-but-maybe-not MI-6 agent John. Halfway through the book, I practically had to stop and catch my breath because the action just doesn’t let up. With all of the NSA scandals plus ever-evolving technology, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, and anyone who loves a good tech thrilled will love this book!

Good As Gone, by Douglas Corleone

This book is the newest of the three, released August 20th, 2013. Good As Gone is a Simon Fisk novel, which I assume means that Mr. Corleone has more novels planned for this character. Simon is a former U.S. Marshal whose own daughter was kidnapped and is believed dead. He now assists parents in attempting to solve cases of disappearances and kidnappings.

The action in Good As Gone takes place in Europe, where the kidnappers weave a complicated web of clues that takes Simon into some of the darkest places on the continent. I really enjoyed the way this story was told and while it wasn’t as fast-moving as some of the others I have read recently, I was really taken in by the characters and the case.

Did you read any great books this summer?

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