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Home Safety with Master Lock

Summertime can be a whirlwind of coming and going at your home — vacations, quick trips to the park, a walk around the block. All of these ins and outs can sometimes leave you home vulnerable to break-ins and other security threats. There are simple ways you can keep your home safer, and affordable, easy-to-use products that will help you do it!

masterlock1Master Lock sent me a home security product to try out and it ended up being the PERFECT solution for our family this summer! The Master Lock 5400D Key Box is similar to the boxes used by realtors to easily access your home when you’re not there — it’s a portable key box that is opened by a security code and stores physical keys inside.

Here’s how we used it:  This summer, we had multiple friends and family members who helped out in many ways while we were out of town and while I have been recovering from surgery. We had friends dog-sitting, my parents staying with me — lots of people who needed in and out. It would be a huge hassle to try to hand out keys to everyone who needs them, right? Right. We’ve tried that before and it made my head spin.

In fact, I have made the mistake (MULTIPLE TIMES, mind you) of putting our house keys under our door mat (those thieves would never think to look there!) for a dogsitter and then forgetting to retrieve them from under the mat for A WEEK after we returned. For someone who has trouble sleeping at night because of recurring anxiety about home break-ins, you’d think I’d be more careful.

masterlock2Anyway, the Master Lock Key Box solves the problem by keeping your keys where they are needed but only accessible by those with the code. They come to the door, put in the code, retrieve the keys, open the door, do what needs to be done, keys go back in the box, and you’re done! The included instructions tell you exactly how to set up the code and reset it, I found it to be incredibly easy. Retail price on the Key Box is $38.11, a small price to pay for your peace of mind and simplicity!

Here’s a few of my own home safety tips:

  • On a regular basis, do an inspection of your home and property. Are there door or window locks that need replaced? Are there other vulnerable areas (such as circuit breakers or gun storage) that need additional protection? Master Lock has solutions for all of your security needs!
  • Don’t post information about being away from home on public social media! Why would you advertise that your home will be empty and unguarded for 2 weeks while you’re in Bermuda?? (And if you’re going to Bermuda, why aren’t you taking me??)
  • It’s a great idea to have a copy of your house key with a trusted friend or neighbor. Who hasn’t had the misfortune of being locked out of their home? I sure have! Save yourself from a nervous breakdown and have options!
  • Make a safety and security calendar for your home. Set up reminders to check your smoke alarms, change any key codes used to access your home and keys, and even consider changing your locks after a certain number of years.

June was National Safety Month, but you can be a safety maven every month of the year with Master Lock‘s products for home safety and security!

Disclosure:  Master Lock sent me a complimentary Key Box to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review, I received no monetary compensation for my post, and these thoughts are my very own.

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Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. We need one of these! Super cool.

  2. I like the keyless deadbolts they have on their website. One day I think I would go for one of those! We’ve locked ourselves out 5 times in the past year for various different reasons. I need another way to get in!