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Surgery Story Time

I’m still a little wacked out from anesthesia and pain pills, BUT I wanted to share what happened today, the day of my bunion surgery.

I was feeling extremely well-prepared  for surgery today. My nerves were exceedingly stable, I was researched, I was ready.

After a quick business trip to Chicago Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I arrived home Wednesday evening at the same time my mom arrived in town from Tennessee. She came up just to take me to surgery and care for me until Saturday, because my husband and kids are at the beach without me (it’s a long story). Aaaanyway, we went out for dinner to celebrate my birthday (which was Monday), ate some delicious apple pie a la mode as my last meal before midnight, and got some rest before the big day.

We were up at 4:30am, arrived at the surgery center at 6, prepped and into surgery around 8:15am, and awake in Recovery by 11am. All was well, things were great, I was chipper, makin’ jokes, feelin’ okay! *thumbs up*



Then we headed home…

*clears throat*

We stopped at Walmart to pick up my prescriptions (don’t judge). While Mom went in, I waited in the car and drifted in and out of consciousness. Some time later, Mom returned to the car with her purchases and we were going to go through a drive thru (seriously, don’t judge) and then go home.

Except the car wouldn’t start.

Sad little clicking, vrooming noises, but not starting. Not even a little.

Mom went back into Walmart, had someone from the Auto Dept. come with his little jumper box to try to jump start it. Nothin’.

Luckily, Mom is a faithful AAA member and called right then to arrange for a tow. The Walmart employee retrieved an electric scooter cart thing for me so that I could get inside into the air conditioning, which was FUN to figure out while high on painkillers.

I made a bunch of texts and Facebook contacts and arranged for the parents of a good local friend of mine to come pick me up. They were AMAZING, just the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. And it was the first time I met them! “Hi, I’m Krista, it’s nice to meet you. I’m a little stoned right now.” They drove me to my house, helped me inside on my crutches, retrieved my knee walker and helped me into bed with my foot elevated. THEN they went back to Walmart to pick up my mom, who was waiting to meet up with the towing guy. THEN! they went to their house to get their walker that she had used from a prior surgery herself! Seriously amazing.

This is the face of someone on painkillers.

This is the face of someone on painkillers.

So that was a few hours ago. Mom and I both finally ate something, took a nap, and she received the glorious news that the problem is only a dead battery. Another fantastic friend brought us dinner and took my mom to the repair shop to pick up her car.


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Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. Stacy B says:

    Wow…so glad you had people who came to your rescue! What a day! Hope you can rest well today!