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Wear your child’s artwork with a KidzCanDesign pendant!

“Hi, I’m Krista, and I’m a hoarder.”

Okay, don’t worry, you won’t see me on TLC in a few months, being dug out of my house, neck-deep in moldy dishes and cats. This is a different kind of hoarding, one that at least makes a little more sense to me than the cat kind.

I have a problem throwing away any school or art work that my kids create in preschool or Sunday School class. First, there’s just the timeless nature of a child’s drawing:  the exaggerated features, the fact that mysteriously no one has necks in a child’s mind, and the hilarious ways they see the world. Then there’s the idea of treasuring up these items that show the progression of your child’s skills; what was a very lightly-drawn and crude self-portrait at the beginning of the year might blossom into a detailed drawing in a matter of months.

Children’s drawings are precious, and it’s difficult to decide what, if anything, shouldn’t be saved for a memory book. Even if they make it into a folder or book, it would be great to showcase their most prized artwork in a very special way. KidzCanDesign is doing exactly that with their personalized pendants featuring your child’s artwork!

The process is simple:

  • Send in your child’s artwork in digital format
  • Choose your style — pendant or charm
  • KidzCanDesign will send you your design in 2-3 weeks!

Here’s the self-portrait that 4.5 year old Miles drew a few months ago that I sent in to be made into a KidzCanDesign pendant:

Miles KidzCanDesign

And here’s my KidzCanDesign pendant!:

KidzCanDesign pendant

Here’s why I love these so much:

  • It’s a unique way to keep your kids close to your heart when you’re away
  • It’s an awesome way to show off your child’s creative side
  • It’s a perfect gift for a Mom, Dad, Grandparent, or other special person in your child’s life
  • What better way is there to keep these treasured drawings around for years?

You can get started today making your KidzCanDesign pendant or charm for the special price of $49.99! Take a look at their website, or the KidzCanDesign Facebook page for inspiration and ideas for your personalized jewelry! Stop your artwork-hoarding and make it into something extra-special!

Disclosure:  I was sent a complimentary personalized pendant with my child’s artwork from KidzCanDesign to facilite this review post. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post and I was not required to write a positive review. My thoughts are my own.

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