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DIY Infinity Scarf in a “Flash”

I had a flash of brilliance yesterday.

I love scarves, but I sometimes hate having long ends hanging around lookin’ all weird. Or sometimes they’re a little too short and don’t look right in the easy loopy sort of way. I don’t own any infinity scarves and I’m not so handy with a sewing machine. There has to be an easier way, right? Yes, there is!

Make a DIY Infinity Scarf in a Flash

This might not be an entirely original idea, but I didn’t see it somewhere online and decide to do it. This simply comes from my laziness and desire to use what I already have instead of buying something new. I’ve seen lots of great simple sew and no-sew ideas for making new scarves, but what about the ones you have and love but you want to make better?

DIY Infinity Scarf in a Flash

I have had a package of Flash Tape for many years, so long that they’ve changed the packaging on them and everything. If you’re not familiar with Braza Flash Tape, it’s also known as wardrobe tape and is used to keep you from having a wardrobe malfunction in public. It’s handy on low neck blouses and for putting in places prone to gapping on button-up tops. It can stick to fabric or onto your skin. They even have waterproof Swim Companion Tape! (Seriously, this isn’t a paid endorsement or anything, I just like the product!)

Anyway, here’s how I used Flash Tape to make a shorter scarf into an “infinity” scarf:

Lay the scarf out flat on a surface and turn one end over so that when the tape is applied, it will make one continuous loop.

You could also twist it around and then apply the tape like that, if that’s what you want. The Flash Tape will come off, so it’s not permanent.

Step 1

Flash Tape is two-sided, so you’ll apply it like scotch tape and then peel off the other backing to expose the outer side.

Step 2

Without stretching the fabric, lay the other side down and press it onto the sticky Flash Tape.

Step 3

Your new infinity scarf will be flexible enough that it will loop and lay just like it’s supposed to. The tape won’t be visible and it’s not permanent. At some point I might experiment with Heat N Bond and see if that works as a more permanent solution, but I’m afraid it won’t be as flexible as Flash Tape and would look funny.

DIY Infinity Scarf in a Flash

What do you think? Do you have any scarves that you want to make into an infinity scarf?

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