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ReUsies Make a Big Difference

When you think about all of the waste you generate over the course of a week, it can be downright overwhelming. From meal waste to product packaging and more, we make a lot of trash! Eating away from home, whether at work or school or on the road, usually means you’re generating more trash in order to make your food portable and easier to deal with after eating.

ReUsies Reusable Food BagsReUsies reusable food bags are a small change you and your family can incorporate that will make a big difference! Becky Harper, the mom entrepreneur behind ReUsies found that her family was using 15-20 disposable plastic bags each week in school lunches and snacks for the road — that’s about 1,000 bags each year! And where will bags end up? In our landfills, rivers, parks, and oceans.

ReUsies snack bags and sandwich bags were created to eliminate the plastic baggie from kids’ lunchboxes. Not only are they a great way to pack a lunch and cut down on waste, they’re also easy to clean, simple, and fun!

Each ReUsies bag replaces hundreds of single-use bags — providing a safe, nontoxic way for families to keep food fresh and our planet safer. Even young children can grasp the idea that throwing away a bag every day is wasteful and bad for the environment. Your kids will love knowing they’re making a difference with their adorable ReUsies bag. I seriously can’t get enough of these patterns!

The bags are sturdy, super cute, and do exactly what they’re created to do! With the simple but functional design, you won’t need to worry about spills. The Velcro closure on the front is strong and holds tight. When you’re ready to wash (which you can do by hand, in your dishwasher, or in the washing machine), the Velcro on the back will keep attached so that your clothes don’t end up stuck to your ReUsies. Check out this video which shows how easy ReUsies are to use – and ReUse!

Perfect to purchase on Earth Day, ReUsies make the switch to creating less waste an easy task! Visit, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and stay up to date on all their newest patterns, products, and news!

Quick! ReUsies has some specials for Earth Week! $5.00 bags are now only $4.00! (through Earth Week 2013)

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