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Ready Go Brush!

Oh the endless struggles of parenting! Food battles, sleep wars, chores, discipline, and more! Even simple hygiene tasks become a full-fledged battlefield at times at our house. (“Spencer, you have poop on your leg. I insist that you take a shower.”)

All parents want their kids to learn good, healthy habits from the start, but the battle of wills can sometimes derail those plans. Oral care and teeth brushing are one area where many parents and children don’t see eye to eye — namely, the parents want their kids to do it and the kids would rather clamp their lips together tighter than you could ever imagine.

So what’s a parent to do?

How about giving your kids some super cool tooth care tools to make teeth brushing fun??

FireFly Ready Go BrushThe FireFly Ready Go Brush by Dr. Fresh is an awesome new way to make oral care irresistible for kids! The cousin of the best-selling kids toothbrush, the original FireFly, the FireFly Ready Go Brush lights up like a stoplight to help your kids learn how long they need to brush their teeth. The lights blink green first for 30 seconds, yellow for another 30 seconds, and finally red when 60 seconds are up and they’ve completed their brushing for that row of teeth!

It’s so easy for kids to catch on to how the FireFly Ready Go Brush works! Kids who already understand the concept of stoplights can easily translate that green means to start brushing and red means to stop. The button which starts the cycle is on the toothbrush base but isn’t so easy to push that my boys are able to do it themselves. Intended or not, this is a plus for me! I want the toothbrushes to be used just for brushing teeth — they’re fun, but they’re not a toy. Since they need help to turn the lights on, I can make sure they stay in the bathroom.

FireFly Ready Go Brush

Miles and Spencer absolutely love their FireFly Ready Go Brush toothbrushes! We’ve discovered that they are especially fun when you turn out the bathroom lights and watch yourself in the mirror. Your mouth lights up green, yellow, and red!

Q and A with Chris Kammer, D.D.S.

Q. What inspired you to promote toothbrushing in such a visible and unusual way?

A. Childhood dental disease is an epidemic in this country and it is just as serious as other epidemics like childhood obesity. It is more common than other afflictions like asthma and is actually the number one cause of missed school. Its physical and emotional effects can be profound, not to mention painful. Oral health is linked with our overall health. And we’re seeing more and more cavities in younger children, a trend that we must reverse. The good news is, childhood dental disease is completely preventable. And proper toothbrushing is the cornerstone of that prevention.

When finished and rinsed, the FireFly Ready Go Brush stands up straight and clean on the counter thanks to the suction cup bottom. This is another great bonus, because no one wants a dirty toothbrush! The FireFly Ready Go Brush is available at Target, Kroger, Meijer,, and (SRP $3.99) and comes in four different designs — Barbie, Spider-Man, Angry Birds, or FireFly!

Dr. Fresh also makes FireFly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste, which is to be squirted directly into your child’s mouth, not on their toothbrush. Its immediate foaming action helps flush out bacteria between teeth and gums and is perfect for young children learning to brush their teeth! FireFly Foam Toothpaste helps you avoid messy sinks and those icky gummy toothpaste caps! The bubblegum flavor is quite yummy (yeah, I tried it!) and is available in Original, Angry Birds, Spiderman, Barbie, and FireFly packaging. You can pick up some FireFly Fluoride Foam Toothpaste at Walgreens, Target,, and for a SRP of $1.99 (1.69 oz. pump bottle).

FireFly’s Ready Go Brush and Fluoride Foam Toothpaste have absolutely changed how our boys approach toothbrushing! What used to be a struggle (trying to get them to keep the toothbrush in their mouths longer than 10 seconds) is now a fun routine that we all enjoy!

Disclosure:  I was provided samples of FireFly products to facilitate my review. I was not required to write a positive review, I just really love the products! I received no monetary compensation for writing this post.

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