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Archives for April 2013

Ready Go Brush!

Oh the endless struggles of parenting! Food battles, sleep wars, chores, discipline, and more! Even simple hygiene tasks become a full-fledged battlefield at times at our house. ("Spencer, you have poop on your leg. I insist that you take a … Continue Reading

Staples Is Green-ing Up My New Office!

Confession:  I love office supplies. Like seriously love them. I want a little system for everything and I want the tools to put my little systems into use. Up until about a week ago, my "office" consisted of my home and my office supplies were sippy … Continue Reading

Get Your Sweat On with Sara Haley’s Sweat Unlimited

Whether you work in or out of the home or are primarily employed by your children, moms are busy people. If it's not board meetings, it's the never-empty laundry hamper consuming our time. With all the things moms have to do in a day or week's time, … Continue Reading

Fairies and Mondays

Oh, hello Internet! I've missed you! I've been getting used to this whole working mom thing, juggling all that there is to do, fumbling through our current schedule (which thankfully won't be current for long), and in the meantime falling behind … Continue Reading

ReUsies Make a Big Difference

When you think about all of the waste you generate over the course of a week, it can be downright overwhelming. From meal waste to product packaging and more, we make a lot of trash! Eating away from home, whether at work or school or on the road, … Continue Reading

Party with Funky Monkey Snacks!

Funky Monkey, creators of awesome and nutritious kids' snacks, is having a Twitter chat tomorrow, and they want YOU to join them! Here's all the details: Who:Funky Monkey Snacks @funkymonkeysnck Hashtag: … Continue Reading

eKids Wakes Us Up with Fun!

As our family is transitioning to having school-aged kids and two working parents, we're undergoing a lot of changes. After 4.5 years of quiet, relaxing, and (if I'm being honest) lazy mornings at home, we are now at a stage where we have places to … Continue Reading

The End and The Beginning

Wow. My last day as a SAHM got off to quite the rocky start today. Most of you are aware that in February, I began working part-time at a local Christian school as, for lack of a better term, a lunch lady. No, I don't wear a hairnet. No, I … Continue Reading

Tax Time with Master Lock

It's tax time!  Yes, it's that time of year again, when Americans everywhere are rushing to file their income taxes from the previous year before the deadline. Master Lock has a whole array of products and ideas for helping people avoid chaos and … Continue Reading

The DripDrops

Have you and your kids met The DripDrops? My kids and I did, and we are loving the fun we're having coloring the world with the DripDrops! This lovable bunch of characters are available through the Belugabloo bookstore app for Apple or … Continue Reading

Totlandia: The Onesies

A book about playdates? Yes. Consider me there. Totlandia is a short fiction novel series about the exclusive Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club, a group with a waiting list and very selective criteria for inclusion. The Onesies books follow the … Continue Reading

Cookie Sheet Travel Fun

Long car trips with kids SUCK. There's no other way to put it. They just suck. When we go to visit family, it's at least a 5-6 hour drive, or close to 12 when we vacation at the beach. Our boys are 4.5 and 3, so they need a lot of entertaining … Continue Reading