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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Once again, I’ve totally slacked off in the holiday preparedness department, so in order to help other moms who may be scrambling to find a few cute things to do with their kids for Valentine’s Day, here’s a few of my favorite ideas!

This year is our first year doing school valentines, because my son is in preschool for the first time this year. In addition to needing 25 valentines for our mom’s group Valentine’s Day party, he also needs 12 valentines for his preschool classmates. Yes, I could just buy valentines, but I wanted to do something cuter but nothing very time-consuming. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest from blogs all over the place (see bottom of post), and these are the easy ones I picked:

Simple Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas at

There are several versions of the bouncy ball valentine, and this is one I found at Tattered and Inked. She has a free download that you can use a simple photo editing program to customize. I used PicMonkey to add Miles’s name, printed six to a page, and I was all  set! I bought the bouncy balls from the party section of Walmart, 6 for $1.00. The cellophane bags were $0.97 for 20. I cut the bag in about half, wrote the child’s name on it with Sharpie, put the bouncy ball inside, folded it down, put the bag topper on, and stapled it shut! So simple and adorable!

I picked up these cute little robot straw cups in the seasonal Valentine’s Day section at Walmart, $0.97 each. I think these will be our new car cups for the boys, since they’re way too old be using sippy cups but I still want to keep the backseat spill-free.

Valentine's Day Robot Cup

I might try to make pancakes for breakfast on Valentine’s Day, possibly colored pink, and will serve them on these cute plates that I picked up at Kroger last year, I think for $1.00 a piece.

Valentines Day Plates

I also had a cute Valentine’s Day shirt set aside for one of the boys (I can’t remember which one), but of course now that Valentine’s Day is this week, I can’t find it anywhere. Sadface.

Anyway, that’s my simple plan for celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. We might do some cute Valentine’s Day crafts or activities, and I have many to choose from on my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board:



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What are you planning to do with your kids for Valentine’s Day? Did you make or buy their valentines this year?

(There is zero judgment here if you bought them! I was thisclose to buying!)


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