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Archives for February 2013

Scavenger Hunt With Friends App

As I mentioned a few times already, my husband and I got to take a child-free trip last weekend with a bunch of couples from our church. We try to do an annual Couples' Retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN but the last time Brandon and I were able to go was … Continue Reading

The One with Life Updates and Whatnot

If you clicked this post looking for a tutorial or giveaway, you're going to be sorely disappointed. This is going to be a stereotypical lifestyle blog post about what I'm up to this week. I won't call it a diary entry if you won't, mmkay? So … Continue Reading

Free Printable Cards (Download and Send!)

My husband and I manage to take a child-free weekend at least twice a year, thanks to my wonderful parents, who happily agree to watch our two boys. Last year, I started sending little treats and notes with the boys on their weekend stays to give … Continue Reading

My Pirate’s Tale Personalized Storybook

Reading with your children is an experience that is practically magical. From an early age, the stories and characters in books come to life in their imaginations, transporting them to the moon, the jungle, and fairy tale lands. With My Pirate's … Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Looking for a cute photo with your cuties for Valentine's Day? Here's one that I did with my boys upon the suggestion of my mom (I think she saw it done somewhere last year). I used real lipstick, which did NOT come off easily, by the way! I … Continue Reading

eMeals Wants to Hear Your Love Story!

eMeals, the online and easy-to-use meal planning service, is running a Valentine's Day contest! They want to hear your love story! See below for more details plus a discount code for your eMeals subscription!   To enter the contest or … Continue Reading

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Once again, I've totally slacked off in the holiday preparedness department, so in order to help other moms who may be scrambling to find a few cute things to do with their kids for Valentine's Day, here's a few of my favorite ideas! This year is … Continue Reading

Hey Hey, Look! It’s an announcement!

Next week, after my husband and I figure a few things out, we'll be sitting our boys down to have a little Family Meeting. We have some news to share with them, and who better than The Berenstain Bears to help us do it? I need to track down this … Continue Reading

Lansinoh Affinity Pro Double Electric Breast Pump Review

I always love to watch the evolution of a great product line, especially when I've successfully used a version of the product myself. Today I get to share with you all the details about the new Lansinoh Affinity Pro double electric breast pump, and I … Continue Reading

Death Comes To Us All

Today I'm happy to share a guest post from Arielle about a serious topic. Read more from Arielle at her blog, My Nerd Obsessions. "Death comes to us all; we can only choose how to face it when it comes." (Robert Jordan,  The Dragon … Continue Reading