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The Kid Dictionary

If you’ve ever experienced something ridiculous, infuriating, or downright unbelievable with your kids and thought “Why isn’t there a word for that??”, you have to pick up Eric Ruhalter’s The Kid Dictionary. Published by Source Books, this hilarious book is full of made-up words and their meanings for parents, the kinds of things that you have to have kids to really understand.

He hits on all of the universal truths about kids and describes the indescribable with these perfect new words:

BROFITTI: (broh-FEE-tee) v: The act of scribbling with permanent marker on the face of a younger sibling.

CLANDESDINE: (klan-DES-dyne) v: To hide from one’s child while eating a cookie so he doesn’t ask for one too.

even words that pertain to Christmas holidays, such as:

SHIRTURBED (shurr-TERBD) adj.:   The annoyed state of a child who just received an article of clothing as a present.

INPLAYTIABLE (in-PLAY-shee-uh-bull) adj.: – Filled with the desire to own every single toy advertised on television.

SAINTNICKTRONIZE  (saynt-NICK-truh-nize) v.:  To feign belief in Santa Claus ( with hopes of a bigger Chrstmas payload.  (See:  EASTERBLUFFING)

He has also put together some very funny videos and photos at, which offer further explanation of these new words that parents need.

Image credit:  Eric Ruhalter, via Facebook

I couldn’t stop laughing as I read through The Kid Dictionary. There are so many things I’ve personally experienced with my kids as well as things I hope I NEVER experience with them. This is the kind of book to have close at hand when your parent-friends are over. You’ll be able to pull this book out many times when you need a stress reliever. This would make an excellent Christmas gift for any parent in your life, especially with those with kids 10 and under.

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The Kid Dictionary by Eric Ruhalter is available in paperback and ebook formats at,,, as well as many bookstores. The list price for paperback (214 pages) is $9.99.

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I received a free copy of The Kid Dictionary from Source Books in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation for this review and my opinion. Post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I *need* this book. Is there a word for when little children figure out their fingers fit into the opening of the nail polish bottle and come out with silver fingers? 😀

  2. Haha, maybe in Volume 2?