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These Boots Are Made For Wearin’

Day 3. We’re on Day 3 of a certain wardrobe choice that my youngest son, Spencer (2.5), has recently embraced.

Early in October, I started planning for my boys’ Halloween costumes. Following in their mother’s footsteps, they decided they wanted to dress as something that no one would be able to identify unless their kids enjoy Disney Junior as much as we do:  Octonauts characters Captain Barnacles Bear and Peso Penguin. If you’ve never heard of them, you’re not alone.

Anyway, I put together these cute costumes from clothing items we already owned, lots of felt, and boots that I purchased at Once Upon A Child. The boots had to be blue, almost turquoise-colored, and I managed to find two pairs that, while not matching, would work perfectly for the costumes.

Spencer immediately fell in love with his boots and that brings us to where we are today.

He has worn the boots around the house quite a bit since they came into our home, but this is my first experience with a wardrobe obsession that toddlers and preschoolers are known to have. These boots are the first thing he wants to put on in the morning, he wants them on all day (sometimes with, sometimes without other clothes), and even wears them to bed. I drew a line two nights ago when he tried to get into bed with us at 4:30am with the boots on his feet. “No boots in the bed. No way.” He consented to this new rule (I mean really, who thought I would need a No Boots In Bed rule??) but at 6:30am when he awoke for the day, I heard him whisper to my husband “Daddy? I put my boots back on now?”.

If you haven’t been around kids very much, you might be surprised to know that their little feet can STINK. I mean stink like a grown man’s feet, especially when they’ve been crammed into thick boots all day.

I know that this is completely developmentally appropriate for a 2 (almost 3) year old (Right?) but y’all? It’s kind of annoying. Especially when we’re trying to break him of the habit of coming into our bedroom and snoozing with us for half of the night, his many treks to and from our bedroom make for some noisy stompin’ in those boots. And not to mention that because his legs are so short, the boots often need to come off when he goes to the bathroom. It’s a good thing he’s an independent little guy who wants to “DO IT MYSELF!!!”

I’m not going to force him to stop wearing the boots, no matter how long this continues. He has to out-grow them at some point. I know it’s just him showing his independence and all that good stuff. I’m swallowing my irritation with the stomping and the extra time it takes us to get him dressed and undressed right now, because they’re just boots, he’s just a little boy, and seriously? He’s pretty stinkin’ cute in the boots.

Edited To Add:  Well, we may get a reprieve from the Boot Obsession of 2012. Spencer was outside, wearing a sweatshirt, a pull-up, and boots stompin’ around for fun and when he came inside, he said “Oh no! My boot has poop on it!” Remember how  when I was raking leaves last month I realized all I was doing was setting up Porta Potties for my dogs? Yeah. Dog poop smeared all over the boot…So that may be the end of the boots for awhile, unless he spies the other snow boots in his closet.

What interesting clothing choices have your kids made over the years? What’s the longest they’ve insisted on wearing a particular clothing item?

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  1. We dont really have an issue with our 4 year old wearing something…it’s the NOT wearing something that’s an issue. Pants and the idea of running around with absolutely no pants has become an obsession. He wants to leave his pants off all the time and doesnt understand why he has to put them on when company and friends come over. He even told me the other night that ” Mama, I would eat my dinner, but I can eat much faster without pants on…”

  2. Haha! Yeah, you know, I think I’m cool with the boots… 🙂

  3. I literally laughed out loud at this! Nora loves boots, too. She hasn’t insisted on wearing them for days, but her rain boots, MY rain boots (which come to her hips), her snow boots and my or Daddy’s hiking boots have all been worn for quite a while around the house. It’s funny to see her wrestling our shoes to walk around–she just HAS to keep them on! I gave the site a mention/link on my blog today.

  4. Must be something about boots! Mikey was obsessed with a pair of cowboy boots as well as some rain boots! Clara is currently attached to a night gown that is literally falling apart at the seems! She already had it on when we had to leave for an emergency out of state visitlast night…. So guess who’s currently wearing it. While she sleeps in the hospital lobby?!?