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Costume Clearance!

223808_Melissa & Doug Halloween Costume Sale - Save 15% - Now thru 10/31! Use Code: COSTUME15! Click Here!Consider this your friendly reminder to run – don’t walk – to your local chain stores and check out their after-Halloween clearance deals on Halloween costumes and decor!

Yesterday after church, I had some things to get at the store, so I headed to Walmart and decided to swing by the Halloween aisles to see what costumes were left and how much they were marked down. As I looked around, a woman stopped me and informed me that the Walmart one town over had their Halloween items marked down by 50% but also were taking an additional 75% off at the register. Naturally, I returned the items I’d already put in my cart and headed to the other store.

Here’s what I got:

  • Two Buzz Lightyear costumes, $2.12 each
  • One ER doctor costume, $1.00
  • One policeman costume, $1.50

I decided to go ahead and give the boys the Buzz costumes right away, because they are a smaller size than what the boys wear and I wanted them to get some fun out of them before they are outgrown. And obviously you’re not going to get away with reading about them and not see pictures!

Here’s Miles in his $2 Buzz costume (only 2 sizes too small…But hey it fits, more or less!)

Miles in Buzz costumeShop for Baby Halloween Costumes

And then I said “Make a face like Buzz, like you’re strong!”:

Miles making a "Strong!" face

Here’s Spencer, who never looks at the camera anymore…

Spencer in Buzz CostumeShop for Halloween Costumes

And then, as you might have seen on the Facebook Page yesterday, I had a bit of trouble getting the costumes off the boys. They went about their business, playing Dollhouse and iPad…

Miles in Buzz costume playing Dollhouse

Spencer in Buzz costume playing iPad

And then of COURSE Spencer threw a gigantic fit when we tried to get him to change out of the costume into normal, non-space ranger clothes for church. Typical.

Here are the other two costumes I picked up and will be saving for Christmas presents, additions to their dress up clothes!

Did you score any great deals on discounted Halloween merchandise this year?

223808_Melissa & Doug Halloween Costume Sale - Save 15% - Now thru 10/31! Use Code: COSTUME15! Click Here!

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  1. I checked today and our walmart was only 50% off and i scanned them but they were at least $5 each so I cheaply put them back 🙁

  2. Keep checking! They’ve got to clear out Halloween stuff for Christmas!