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Fall Break

On Monday morning, I had to break the news to Miles. “Sorry buddy, no school today. It’s Fall Break!” He sighed and looked confused. “I don’t like Fall Break. I want to go to school…How many more sleeps ’til I go back to school?”

He had a nice day at home with his brother and Daddy while I was at the ABC Kids Expo on Monday but we’ve been total lazy slugs for the rest of the week! Oops. I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I think about all the cute activities I should be doing with my boys and think “I just don’t wannnnnnnnaaaaaa!”

Time to get my butt in gear and start doing some of the fun things I’ve been planning to do this fall!

My “Fall in Love with Fall” Pinterest board is one of my favorite boards and it’s full of links to blog posts with dozens of ideas for fall activities with kids. Here’s some “link love” for the ones I want to do most:

Yesterday, we made some jack-0-lanterns and spiders using pre-made foam cutouts plus construction paper and googly eyes. And we’ve been playing a lot of Hide and Seek with a set of contact paper laminated pumpkins that I hide around the house and the boys find.

Do your kids get a week-long Fall Break like ours? How do you fill your days?

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