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Highlights Hello

For over 65 years, Highlights for Children has been a staple of early childhood education and entertainment. I’m willing to be that some of your first memories of things you read include reading a Highlights magazine at home or in a doctor’s office, searching for Hidden Pictures or giggling at the antics of Goofus & Gallant. Adored by parents and children alike, Highlights for Children has always provided quality material for children, with Highlights magazine reaching ages 6 to 12 and Highlights High Five for ages 2 to 6. The family of magazines has an enormous footprint, reaching 250 million impressions each year. And now, Highlights is ready to welcome the next generation with their own new addition.

Highlights Hello

Launching in December 2012 (available for pre-order now!), Highlights Hello is designed for babies ages 0-2 and their parents and caregivers. This smaller, baby-friendly magazine is printed with non-toxic ink (containing soy and/or vegetable oils) on durable, washable (they say it can even go into your dishwasher!), paper with rounded corners. It’s made for little fingers and inquisitive minds, with short and engaging stories. It is beautifully illustrated and contains helpful notes for the adults in the child’s life. The notes give you ideas on how to interact with your child while going through the magazine, something I would have found very helpful as a new parent!  And get this — there’s even a mini version of Hidden Pictures, called Find It, where babies will look on the picture for a small number of objects in plain view on the next page (a bunny, a ball, etc.)! Adorable!

Take a look inside Highlights Hello!

Annual subscriptions are available for $34.44 (12 issues). A great feature of the Highlights for Children family of magazines is that if your child outgrows their subscription (maybe they have their 3rd birthday only a few months into their Highlights Hello subscription), you can contact Customer Service and switch to the next magazine (in this case, Highlights High Five, which my family loves!). There are also Highlights Book Clubs and mobile apps as well as special websites for kids and parents. Any item from the Highlights for Children family would be a great gift for any child in your life!

Start the youngest children on the path to a lifelong love of learning with Highlights Hello!

Did you read Highlights magazine when you were a child? Have you passed the tradition on to your children?

Highlights Hello
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