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Goodbye to Cloth

I’m sad, y’all. You’re going to laugh at the reason unless of course you’ve felt the same way.

So here goes…I’m sad because I’m selling the boys’ cloth diapers.

I know, right? What’s wrong with me? This means the end of diapers! Potty training all around! Rejoice!

But it’s sad to me to pack up and move on from this period of our lives. We’ve been using cloth diapers on our boys for 3.5 years, since Miles was about 5-6 months old. For exactly one year I had two in cloth, which I’m sure you can imagine was CRAZY (though I know there are families that have twins or higher multiples in cloth), and then Miles potty trained. I’ve been working on Spencer, knowing this day was coming. Now that it’s here, I’m feeling a little tug in my heart.

Of course I am excited that we’re close to being done with diapers in our house, at least for now. I don’t know if there will be more babies in our home, but I do know that it won’t be any time soon. We have our own private health insurance and adding maternity coverage means paying for it for 10 months before getting pregnant and using the benefits. We’re also very interested in adoption but don’t have any extra money to start saving for the high costs of adoption.

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Spencer, our 2.5 year old, hasn’t completely gotten the hang of using the potty yet. Last week as the local cloth diaper consignment sale date loomed closer on the calendar, I knew we had to do this. I bought cotton trainers and old school plastic pants for outings and we started by having him wear undies while Miles was at school. After trying unsuccessfully to have him pee on the potty with all the craziness of his brother cheering and whining for M & M’s, I knew he would need some quiet in order to concentrate on this potty business. Over the weekend we had a breakthough (he finally understood what I meant when I said “pee”) and I’m thrilled to report that in the time I’ve been writing this post this morning, Spencer has come to tell us he needed to pee, ran to the bathroom, and peed on the potty three four six times! I think this is the week!

And it’s a good thing, because the diapers have already been washed for the last time in our washer, dried, and packaged away to be sold. I’m glad I didn’t know at the time that last week would be the last time he would wear those cloth diapers or I never would have wanted to take them off. As much as I want him to learn new things and grow into the big boy I keep telling him he’s becoming, I still want him to be my little boy. Shedding his diapers means that’s one less thing he’s relying on me to do for him and it’s bittersweet.

Saying goodbye to cloth also saddens me for another reason. For three and a half years, it’s been part of my identity, something that has been a huge part of our world. I spent over a year constantly scouring cloth diapering blogs and websites for tidbits about cloth diapers. The cloth diapering community is a strong one and one I’m proud to support. All the top bloggers in the cloth diapering world and users of support forums are so helpful and willing to answer all of your questions, no matter how many times it’s been asked. Even when our cloth diapering days are far behind us, I’m sure I’ll still stop and chat with strangers when I spot a cloth diaper on their baby’s tush and answer my friends’ Facebook questions about how to get started with cloth diapers.diapering, stalking For Sale or Trade threads on, looking for new brands to try, even attempting to sell cloth diapers as a cloth diaper consultant. Even after I was content with our cloth diaper stash, I reviewed several brands of diapers and wrote posts about cloth diapering right here on the blog. I’m kinda smitten with cloth diapering, even the parts that mean more work for me, more interesting smells around the house, and more knowledge about dunking and swishing than I care to admit.


Even though my kids are outgrowing their diapers and moving on to undies and potties, I’m not sure I’ll ever outgrow or really say goodbye to cloth diapers.

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  1. I think its more sad for us moms that use cloth than for those who use disposables. They just go in the trash and its a relief to quit having to purchase them. But me, I am attached to my stash and have slowly collected it over time and I love all my diapers. It will be a sad sad day when its time to part with them!! I do love that they will be used on another baby someday, just like most of mine were used on someone else’s baby before mine!

  2. That’s another part of it, I think. A lot of our cloth diapers have history. Not this stash, actually, but the first batch did. I got them used, well worn, and the idea that they had been passed on to me from another family just made them even more special.