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The Weekend I Overdosed on Estrogen

You’ll have to excuse me today, I’m coming down from a pretty wicked high.  I spent the weekend living like an estrogen junkie, hopping from one session to another, parties to conversations, and back again.  It was like shooting feminism into my veins.

And then I came home.  A cab, a train, and my own car took me on a 16-hour trip from my dealer’s corner (the Hilton NYC, corner of 6th Ave. and 53rd St.) back to my little corner of the universe in Kentucky, one that is free of all estrogen but my own.

It feels a bit weird, honestly.

BlogHer '12 If you’ve been watching the blog or our Tweets, you know that Jamie and I traveled to Manhattan last week for the biggest and best blogging conference around, BlogHer ’12.  It was a HUGE conference, just shy of 5,000 attendees, the vast majority of which were women.  Amazing, powerful women who write.  They write about family, politics, humor, serious issues like depression and suicide, parenting, divorce, loss, and everything in between.

We attended sessions with incredible panelists who energized us with their knowledge, were inspired by keynotes from Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, and oh yeah, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  We met new friends, spoke to or admired from afar our favorite writers, attended parties, got some pretty sweet stuff from the conference sponsors and private party hosts, but mostly just soaked up the awesomeness of being in a place where we didn’t have to explain why we do what we do.

I started feeling the effects of estrogen overload (yes, I know estrogen overdose and overload are real things…Please don’t send me angry letters.) on the first day.  I felt on the verge of tears any time anything remotely inspiring, touching, or exciting happened.  The President addressed us via video feed?  Cry.  Listened to 12 incredible essays written by 2012’s BlogHer Voices of the Year?  Cry.  Feel completely overwhelmed by the crazy Sparklecorn scene?  Cry.  And then (wait for it…) Saturday morning’s Disney Junior breakfast with special guests Jake (of the Neverland Pirates) and Minnie Mouse?  BAWLING.

Seriously?  What is wrong with me?  I felt  like such a dork, but then?  I kind of didn’t.  Because it was a special event in a place and time for people like me — small bloggers, big bloggers, somewhere-in-between bloggers.  A place where it’s perfectly acceptable (encouraged even) to bury yourself in your smartphone during a workshop as you Tweet out the wisdom you’re collecting from the speakers.  A place where you can get the play-by-play of the parties you’re missing by watching your roommate’s Tweets.  And mostly, a place where women are important and celebrated.

I’ll have a lot more to say about BlogHer ’12, but right now I need to let the withdrawal effects wear off (I’m thinking a nap sounds good) so that I can get back to doing what I love:  living my life and sharing it with you here.

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About Krista

Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. hahahaha love it. Brought too much luggage? Cry. Too much luggage to bring back? Cry.

    Oh good times. I still can’t seem to crank out my first post!

  2. The Disney breakfast when they put the shot on the screen of Doc McStuffins and all the doctors… OMG! The tears! That breakfast was so completely amazing and magical. Disney does everything right.

  3. Jennifer – Right?? I am neither a strong black woman nor a dentist but I LOST IT.

    And agreed. It was magical.

  4. Krista,
    I am proud of you! The feelings you are experiencing are from a whole new world of possibilities that have opened up. Use your talents and creativity to reach your dreams. You can be a wife, a mother, and a success in your field.