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#SweetSuite12 at BlogHer ’12!

Why do people go to blogging conferences?

There are a lot of reasons and they include sessions, meeting friends both old and new, and networking with professionals that fit their blogging niche.  We’ve spent a little time talking about our time at BlogHer ’12 so far and plan to do so a little more, including a rundown of our favorite sessions (once all of the Virtual Conference liveblogs and audio recordings are posted), but today I want to talk parties.

There are some incredible parties thrown for BlogHer attendees every year, both official and unofficial parties.  As the date for the conference draws near, many people find their schedules filling up rapidly.  So rapidly, in fact, that they have to cancel their RSVPs for parties to fit everything in and then their canceled tickets get to go to those on the waiting list, which is how I ended up snagging a ticket to The Big Toy Book’s Sweet Suite party this year!  (Thank you, stranger at the conference who canceled your RSVP!)

Sweet Suite was held on Thursday, before the official start of BlogHer ’12, so it’s safe to say I didn’t know a soul who would be at this party.  Luckily, on the 0.5 mile walk from the Hilton to the Viacom building in Times Square, I met two other conference-goers:  Kathryn from (who I ended up bumping into at almost every opportunity and had a lovely conversation with each time!) and Jessica from  I loved the awkward glances people were giving one another in the hotel before we got our conference badges, a mix between “Do I recognize you from Twitter??” and “Do you recognize me from Twitter??”  I was so thankful to have Jessica with me (Kathryn was on her way to something else) as we arrived at the party.  The Viacom building has pretty tight security and we had to be checked at the door, escorted upstairs to the elevators and then to the party space.  Jessica got to share in my excitement as Jill Smokler ( shared an awkwardly silent elevator ride up to the Sweet Suite party.

While at the party, I had a great time meeting and experiencing the newest toys from amazing companies!  I got to see the brand new LeapPad2, LeapsterGS, Chuggington train tracks by TOMY Toy, Neat-Oh! lunchboxes, oh yeah and this one gaming system…maybe you’ve heard of it?  Xbox 360 Kinect!

Xbox was there showing off some of their newest games and I learned some new things about their system:

  1. No more worries of throwing a controller through the TV screen.  With Kinect, YOU are the controller.  Those of you with preschoolers and young kids will be especially grateful for no anxiety about broken lamps from a wayward controller.
  2. Kinect games will get my kids (and yours!) off the couch and they’ve won accolades from groups like the Children’s Technology Review and Parents’ Choice Awards.  Coming soon, 2-way TV experiences with Sesame Street and Nat Geo – wow!
  3. With “Nike+ Kinect Training,” I can get my body back in my living room, and the virtual trainer who coaches my every move won’t call me out for wearing the same yoga pants three days in a row.  Perfect for my Cinchspiration journey!
In addition to all the great toy companies there were also delicious-looking foods and drinks and we all went home with amazing “swag bags” full of items from the brands represented at the party!
The Big Toy Book puts on an excellent party and I’m thrilled I got to be a part of it!
By writing this post, I am entering to win an Xbox prize pack!  I was not compensated for this post.


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