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Happy Birthday, Miles!

It was four years ago when they laid him on my chest.  He was small and fragile, screaming but perfect.  I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and absolutely melted.

It had been a lengthy 36-hour ordeal, bringing Miles into the world, but finally he had arrived.  I remember that feeling of holding him the first time, a combination of elation, exhaustion, and terror mixed with love and joy.

It’s hard to describe all the emotions one feels when your child is born, but I’m reflecting on it today, the birthday of my four year old, Miles.  Looking at him in the early morning hours that day, I didn’t think I could love him any more than I did right then.  But it’s most definitely possible, because my love for him grows every day, with every hug and giggle, each scowl and tantrum, all the whining and singing and laughter and learning and loving and everything in between.

He’s an amazing little person and I can’t believe I’ve been blessed with the joy of being his mother.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, he DID get a Toy Story backpack…More on that later 🙂

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Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.


  1. Yeah! Happy 4 years of motherhood too! 🙂

  2. Yay! Four for me, three for you — When do we become experts on parenting?? Ha

  3. Happy Birthday to your little one!