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Archives for July 2012

Why Babies Are Like Your Drunk College Roommate (Guest Post)

We're running around like crazy today, making our final preparations for BlogHer '12, so enjoy this guest post from Jen of Also Known As...The Wife!  Jen is one of the bloggers we'll be meeting this week at … Continue Reading

Promotin’ In Style

This week, Jamie and I are headed to BlogHer '12, the mecca of blogging conferences, particularly of the female variety. It's kind of a huge deal, not because WE are a big deal necessarily, but because this monumental annual gathering of … Continue Reading

Krista’s Vacation Recap

Going on vacation can be a mixed bag for bloggers.  You don't want to spend too much time on the details of your trip but sometimes there are good things to pass along -- great photos, interesting tidbits, or advice.  This is one of those posts with … Continue Reading

and THIS is me.

Hi! I'm Jamie, the other blogger at playdate The past couple weeks I've been prepping for our big trip to Blogher '12 in New York. Some bloggers (Including Krista) that are going to this conference are doing a posts about themselves as … Continue Reading

This is ME!

Next week might be one of the craziest weeks of an already crazy summer.  We are driving home from the beach today and tomorrow, have church on Sunday (the first time our whole family has been at church together all month), Monday my husband embarks … Continue Reading

Comics and Kids: Why we Love Super Heroes

Believe it or not, my father-in-law is a blogger. Not only is he a blogger, but an excellent writer. His most recent book, Superman On Earth, tells how he fulfilled his childhood dream of wanting to be Superman.  Part of his epic legacy passed on to … Continue Reading

A Matter of Manners

We all want our kids to be nice and pleasant when out in public.  We teach them manners, we help them learn the difference between an "inside voice" and an "outside voice", and we work with them on conversational words and phrases. But what … Continue Reading

Twinneroo Review & Twin Diaper Bag Packing Tips

In my life as a mother of multiples there have been three major areas which I have struggled to find the perfect fit for our family: strollers, carriers, and diaper bags. I recently had the opportunity to review the new Twinneroo Twin Diaper Bag … Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Miles!

It was four years ago when they laid him on my chest.  He was small and fragile, screaming but perfect.  I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and absolutely melted. It had been a lengthy 36-hour ordeal, bringing Miles into the world, but finally … Continue Reading

A 5 Year Old at DragonCon?? (Guest Post)

When you think of things to do to entertain a child many things pop up: swimming, cartoons, puzzles, Thomas the Train, ice cream, etc.  However, I also think about my childhood which consisted of playing with my brothers pretending to be The Dukes of … Continue Reading

Reclaiming My Style

It's been a little while since I have felt stylish or seen myself as a fashionable person. Every once in a while, I would discover something that had a perfect fit. I remember a great pair of 1969 wide leg jeans I found at the gap a few years ago and … Continue Reading

Month One – Complete!

It's been four weeks since I started Cinch, so how about an update? I did my fourth weigh in today and did my measurements last night!  Here are the results: After four weeks of eating better, using Shaklee Cinch products to replace meals … Continue Reading

My Cinchspiration Is…

Read all of my Cinchspiration updates here! … Continue Reading

Made Over!

Once upon a time, we had a website that looked like this: It was nice at the time, but we quickly outgrew our old look.  After almost two years of blogging and podcasting together, we finally have a great-looking site! Take a look around, see … Continue Reading

An Argument with my Former Self

Before having kids, I had a lot of ideas about how I would parent.  I pictured rocking my cuddly babies to sleep every night, humming lullabies for hours without tiring of it, and being constantly delighted by their playful messes.  Somehow, my … Continue Reading

Summer Stuff

Summer, you have zapped me.  I had all these plans for a productive summer and between the heat and our air conditioning going out in our home, I feel pretty lazy and out of it.  I think I'll mostly blame the heat pump compressor. Home … Continue Reading

The Mom Who Cried “Weaned!”

One of these days, I'm going to get to sit my boys down and explain to them the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", about how you shouldn't tell lies, for many reasons but one of which is that you want people to believe you when you really need them … Continue Reading