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The Best of Friends

Sometimes when my kids are running around the house screaming or both wailing at the top of their lungs, I think “What on earth possessed me to have two children so close together in age??” I wonder what I was thinking, how I could be so foolish.

And then, I see this:

Or this:

Or I hear them laughing together, making some joke that’s only funny to the under-4 crowd, giggling out of control.  I listen around the corner while they explore in my bathroom drawers or in the kitchen and hear them talking to one another about what they’re finding. I watch them help one another, usually up into dangerous places, but still – they’re helping!  I observe them sharing their snacks and toys. I see them comfort one another.  Ask for one another.  Cry for one another.  And pray for one another.

That’s when I know.  God knew what he was doing and I just need to trust Him.

They won’t always play so well together.  They’ll get into fights and probably send someone to the emergency room.  But for now, these little brothers are best friends.

Tell me about your kids! When did you see them becoming best friends?

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About Krista

Krista is a full-time working mom of two boys, currently aged 6 and 7. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Brandon.