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You know how sometimes you get something for your kids and you’re really excited about it but you aren’t sure how they’ll react?  Maybe you think they won’t like it but then they are thrilled?  Or sometimes you think it’ll be the greatest toy ever purchased and then they never look at it again?  Kids are funny.  So unpredictable.

Allow me to spend a few minutes gushing about one of the gifts Spencer got for his birthday last year that has been an absolute, complete DREAM…

Ladies and gentleman, the Step2 Sand and Water Table!

My parents got this for Spencer’s first birthday and right away he loved it.  Even when he was barely walking, he would stand at the water table for a long time, splashing and playing with the water and included toys.  This one comes with two boats, two cups (the cups have holes in them that the water slowly flows from, and a shovel.  It also has two removable bridges and a sun umbrella.  We have found some additional boats and cars that are also the perfect size for the roadways on the water table.

The table can be used for sand OR water, but I’ll confess that ours has never held sand.  I always forget to buy it and I just know it’s going to be a big mess so I just haven’t done it.  However, I am considering putting beans in it, the beans we use for the boys’ sensory trays.

This water table is perfect for spring and summer when it’s not quite hot enough for a pool or sprinkler.  Be sure to drain the water table when the kids finish playing, because it will get icky if the water sits and gets dirt in it.  I am bad about forgetting to drain it, but it’s easy to rinse it out quickly before refilling it with fresh water.

Another great thing about the Step2 Play Up Water Table is that it is adjustable, so it grows with your child.  I just remembered this today and moved it up to another setting for my growing boys!

Check out these other great water and water/sand table options!

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Do your kids have a water table?  Has it been a big hit with your kids?  What are your kids’ favorite outdoor toys?

Step2 did not send me this product for review. These thoughts are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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