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School Decision

We made a decision about Miles’s schooling.  After months of going back and forth over all the options in my head and on the blog, I suddenly just knew.  I knew that enrolling him in our local private Christian school would be the best decision for our family.

Yesterday, something clicked for me.  I realized that I had to make a decision and act on it.  All along, I’d been assuming that the Kindergarten cutoff date for our district was closer to Miles’s July birthday, but no, it’s October 1st.  Knowing he wouldn’t be the youngest child in his class helped me decide that if he is going to go to Kindergarten next year (2013), he should be going to Preschool this fall. 

This particular school is affiliated with the church where my husband ministers and we have heard only good things about them.  The ministry discount doesn’t hurt either, but I am very excited about the education he will receive there.  Their 4 year old preschool program is a MWF, 8:00am-11:00am program, which I think will be a perfect transition from being home with Spencer and I all the time to going to school in a small classroom setting.

I think he’s going to LOVE it.  When I asked if he wanted to go to school, he said “Yeah!  All right!  Can we go now?” and he has continued to ask when he gets to go to school.  Academically, I know he’s ready (he’s been reading for over a year) and I think he is ready socially.  I’m not sure how you gauge maturity in 3 year old boys, but I think, hope, and pray that he will thrive in school.

I’m excited for him but a tiny bit sad that my little boy is going to be wearing a school uniform and having school friends and getting closer to being gone all day from me.  As much as I like the idea of homeschooling, I’m pretty sure the reality of it would be more than I can handle.  I don’t exactly have the patience of a saint and I’m pretty sure that might be necessary to homeschool.  😉

As it turns out, his first day of school will be the day after I return from BlogHer ’12.  I will miss his Open House (though I’m sure we can meet his teacher before at some point) but BlogHer will probably be the perfect thing I need to keep my mind off of dwelling on this big milestone and the emotional toll it is sure to take.  I’ve already started tearing up while on Pinterest of all places when I saw this idea for a Kissing Hand activity at your children’s first day of school each year.  *sniff*

I spoke on the phone with the preschool director this morning, my husband picked up the forms today, and they are now all filled out, signed, and copies of all the necessary documents are paperclipped together on my kitchen counter.  It’s a new adventure and I’m happy with the choice we have made.

Are any of you still deciding about if/where your kid(s) will be going to school this fall?

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