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Closet Sanity Saver

I think I need to do some kind of “stupid simple” series or just category or posts with crazily simple and free or cheap tips that have helped me keep my sanity.  I’ve shared a few of them before, including using an additional clear shower curtain while the boys take their bath so that they can splash. Well here’s one I’ve been using for awhile and want to pass along to anyone who needs a solution to the following problem.

The Problem

The problem is outfits for your kids.  You know you have clothes that match.  Maybe they were purchased as a set.  Maybe they just happen to look good together.  You know they’re in there, but they just aren’t together anymore.  If you’re like me, you have shirts in one drawer, pants/shorts in another.  This system works for us because sometimes you only need to change out one or the other and you don’t want to mess up a matching set to do so.  That is, it works until you need someone else to dress your kid.  Or you’re in a hurry.  Or anything.  My husband has trouble making outfits for the boys and I’m usually not satisfied with the “outfits” he comes up with.  Add in some lateness or other stress factor and we have the makings of some severe frustration.  “WHAT DO YOU WANT HIM TO WEAR?!”  “WHY CAN’T YOU FIND ANYTHING?!”  “WHY DOES NOTHING MATCH IN HERE?!?!”

The Solution

Use a closet shoe holder or other hanging closet organizer to store complete outfits.

Depending on the size and type, you will have room for about 5 to 10 outfits.  I used a small shoe holder when the boys were smaller (tiny clothes!) but they have both graduated to a larger holder.  For Spencer, who is still in diapers, his has only a shirt and shorts/pants and Miles’s contains a shirt, shorts/pants, and underwear.  The weather is warm here now, so they are wearing sandals but if it were cooler I would put socks in there too!

The one holding Spencer’s clothes has smaller compartments at the bottom, which is where I store the boy’s accessories (belts, ties, and hats) and unmatched socks (in an old wipes container).

A few notes:

  • I try to pick out a variety of outfits — Some that I would choose for them to just play in around the house, some that are better for going out in public, and usually a warmer/cooler outfit than what the season calls for.
  • Sometimes I won’t use all of the outfits before I have to refill it because they just aren’t appropriate for what we need.  Right now, the outfit in the top shelf of Miles’s organizer is a sleeveless outfit.  It has been in the top position for 3 weeks because it hasn’t been warm enough for him to wear it.
  • This is a great way for your kids to start showing independence by picking their clothes with you still having some control.  They can choose from the outfits but you can (hopefully) prevent battles over tutu skirts and pirate costumes from being worn to the grocery store.
  • What a time-saver for school-aged kids!  Older kids can help pick out the outfits and get themselves dressed in the mornings!

The only problem with this little system is that you do have to match up clothes and put them in there about once a week, but it’s worth it in the long run!

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