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We just introduced Dr. Seuss at our house and it’s going quite well. I picked up two books at Target that were on sale for Dr. Seuss’ birthday, “Hop on Pop” and “Green Eggs and Ham”.

Will really enjoys Green Eggs and Ham, and I can really relate to Sam-I-am. Except at our house switch green eggs and ham for any other food beside fruit snacks:

Would you eat it with some ranch? Would you eat it while I dance? 

Would you, could you with some cheese? Would you, could you, pretty please?!?!

While it’s fun to joke around, sometimes I feel like I slowly becoming a real life SAHM-I-am, by losing touch with who I was before I became a mom.

Somewhere past all the fun and chaos of child rearing is the core of who I always was. I think that I’m ready to fight for her, to bring her back, to keep from losing her.

My game plan:

  • Take a shower, change out of comfy clothes, wear make up, fix my hair… for me.
  • Workout! (I do a lot of great thinking and brainstorming on the treadmill)
  • Do something I love
  • Commit to getting out of the house for something other than going to the store.

What things have you tried to hold onto so that you don’t forget who you are outside of being a mom?



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