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It started with a thud

Monday was not the typical day at my house. Sunday night I went to bed with an awful migraine. When Luke woke up crying at 6am, I was still heavy under the fog of a bad headache and lack of sound sleep to start my day early. Instead of getting up with him, I asked Alex to put him in bed with me so that I could nurse him and keep snoozing a little bit. (I had assumed that Alex was going to get back into bed, but he did not). About an hour later, I woke up and heard a baby crying again. At first I thought they were in their room, but when I looked over to get out of bed I saw Luke laying on the floor crying!

He rolled/crawled off the bed.

My heart sank.

The thud set our whole day in a different direction. I got up and put him on the bed. stripped off his clothes gently so that I could examine him for injuries because he was crying a lot. Growing up with a mom as a nurse, I had a good idea of what to look for. Using my fingers I gently ran them over to feel if he had any spots that were sore or tender. I also looked for swelling and redness. If bones are broken, the area usually will bruise almost immediately. Thankfully, we didn’t end up seeing anything that needed major attention. But I could tell he was still experiencing discomfort.

We moved him downstairs and I set him on the floor once he had stopped crying. He was able to bear weight on his legs standing up, no problems. However, whenever he tried to crawl he would start crying immediately and had trouble putting any weight on his right side.

Because the crying didn’t seem to go away, I decided to call the pediatrician’s office to take him in as soon as possible.
They weren’t able to get him in until two hours later, but it was probably a good thing because I was able to see what he was capable of doing. If he would have appeared to have had something visibly broken I would have just taken him to the ER, but my goal is to try to avoid going there as much as possible.

On my way to the doctors office I went through how I was going to retell the series of events, but I was thankful that no one asked me the details of the incident, because I was extremely embarrassed and racked with guilt. Apparently they see kids come in from falling off the bed all the time. Luke had to get some x-rays, and the radiologist found a very small non-displaced fracture on his leg, but thankfully he did not need a cast!

I realize that with a house full of rambunctious little boys, this will not be my last trip to the doctor for an injury. It is also no surprise that Luke was the first.

Have you had any moments that made your heart sink?

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