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Heat Waves and Biker Babes

The only thing that keeps me from shouting “La Nina Rocks!” from the roof tops is all of the scary weird crazy tornadoes popping up as a result. We have enjoyed soaking up every minute of unseasonably warm weather this past week. Since our  town house has a small tiny back yard, which for all intensive purposes is a large outdoor litter box for the dog, we decided to take all of the riding toys to my parents house.

"Need a lift?"



Santa brought Will a beginner power wheel for Christmas when he was 18 months and he has never really showed much interest in it. He is a little more interested in it now, especially if he can tow something behind it. I thought the twins might be a little to small to ride since they aren’t even walking yet, but Luke was out to prove me wrong. He has a need for speed!




Here is a video from our outside adventure and my little daredevil doing what he does best:


I love that Luke and Cole are becoming more mobile and vocal. Their personalities are really starting to show and it amazes me how different their dispositions are. It sure makes the days much more interesting!

What things have surprised you about your kids?

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