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Something has to Give

There is a treadmill in my basement that I am dying to use…

I would love to take a shower, daily…

I would love  to plan healthy meals, clip coupons, and plan out a shopping list…

My house would look way better if I could clean it more…

I’d like to be able to grocery shop without taking all three kids…

Will found the brownies while mommy was busy with brothers!

These are just a few of the reasons why I have been avoiding other blogs, Pinterest, and the internet in general.

It is overwhelming for me to think that somewhere, somehow, someone is actually pulling this stuff off and living to tell about it. Maybe it’s the age of my three much loved hooligans, or maybe its our new living situation. But the fact still remains that right now it feels impossible to do anything except feed kids, lay them down for naps, and keep them from accidentally harming one another. Now that I have a two year old who recently has been empowered by his ability to refuse things and two pre-toddler wobblers, I am spending the majority of my day keeping them off of each other and out of danger zones.

I miss playdate crashing mid afternoon while everyone is napping. I miss making food that didn’t come with a box mix, and stealing away alone to the store to pick up things that my mommy brain forgot when I went to buy groceries for the week.

Please, someone tell me it will get better or at least that the bloggers that are “doing it all” are full of it. How do you manage when life gets hectic? What things are a priority for you and your family?


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Jamie is a creative-techie mom, raising three boys under three (twins!) with her husband in Pennsylvania. Jamie now writes at The Red Robinson,


  1. You’re absolutely not alone…

    I think a lot of it *does* have to do with the ages of your boys. There’s something about the first 18 months or so of a child’s life that makes parents feel really trapped, like you can’t ever go out to a restaurant or you can’t start a project because someone will need something in the middle of it.

    It will get better! I won’t say that in a year you’ll feel like you’re able to conquer the world or anything, but I think you’ll look back at this time and think “Wow, look how far I’ve come!”