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Birthday Party Madness…Go!

I’m not prepared for this, but it’s happening.  My little boy is turning 2 this weekend and his birthday party is turning into quite the shindig!

Although we have celebrated a combination of four kids’ birthdays since our first son was born in 2008, this weekend will be the first real party we’ll be hosting at our home.  I’m very excited, a little nervous about how it will all come together, and starting to get my act together and make it happen!

Miles’s birthday is in July and he has celebrate all three of his birthdays at the beach.  His first birthday we did the standard “I’m One!” birthday deal (complete with a silly hat!), birthday #2 was all about Elmo, and his 3rd birthday was a Mickey Mouse extravaganza.  I feel like he kinda gets cheated out of an awesome birthday because it happens during our vacation and because I don’t have the extra cargo room for party decorations, we have to run around at the last minute and get our supplies.

For Spencer’s first birthday we again did the traditional first birthday decor (also with a silly hat!) but this year he definitely has interests and opinions about what he likes!  For a few weeks I’ve been thinking we would do a WordWorld party, because he really loves the show.  BUT then he started to love Mickey Mouse a little more and then he fell in love with Octonauts, just like his big brother.

I debated for awhile about what to do.  Do I go with a WordWorld party just because I’d been thinking about it for awhile?  Do a repeat of our Mickey Mouse party from last summer?  Or try to create an Octonauts party on my own?  Miles has already said he wants an Octonauts party this year, but will he still want one in July?  And if so, would he care that we already had an Octonauts party 6 months ago??

If you aren’t familiar with Octonauts, I highly recommend checking out the show!  It’s on Disney Junior and has been around for a few years in Europe.  The show is based on a book series by Meomi and features some of the cutest little creatures you’ll ever see — there’s a polar bear, a cat, a penguin, and other adorable characters.  We had never seen the books before but when the show came to Disney Junior in January, I made sure to DVR the first few episodes to check it out.  My boys were hooked — they can’t get enough of it!

The difficult thing for somewhat of a slacker mom like myself is that because the Octonauts are so new, there is no licensed party gear in the US yet, so it’s up to me and my imagination.  The good thing about this is that because the show occurs underwater, that opens up a lot of possibilities.  And the GREAT thing about this is that Pinterest exists…I can search for Octonauts party ideas as well as crafts, decorations, and games for sea/underwater/beach themes and get tons of ideas.

Here are some of the ideas I’m working on for the party on Saturday:

  • Making jellyfish from paper plates and gift wrap ribbon to hang from the ceiling (I found this idea on a website somewhere but I can’t find it now!)
  • Making a school of fish to hang from lighting fixtures in the dining room from paper and dental floss (using wax paper to make bubbles!)
  • Playing Pin the Patch on Kwazii
  • Cupcakes with Octonauts pictures printed out as toppers
  • Making Octonauts hats for the kids at the party (there will probably be 7 or 8 kids there including my own)

There are also some printable coloring pages at, but I feel like I need some more cute decor ideas and fun things for the kids.  Do you have any great ideas to share that might help me?  I’d love to hear them!

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