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I am The Crazy Lady

My kids are onto me...

I am convinced that most people are really only a few steps away from chaos and craziness at any given time.

Today I ventured over into the crazy side, or maybe I’ve always been there.

We are moving 8 hours north to PA in less than two weeks.

Moving right after Christmas, crazy.

Moving north in January, crazy.

Moving with three kids 2.5 and under, crazy.

Buying your first home and moving from out of state at the same time, crazy.

However, this is balanced by the awesome fact that my husband is going to start an awesome job at the church I grew up in, that church is going to start a new campus in my hometown, which I will get to live in, less than 5 minutes away from my parents and sister. AWESOME.

Life is going to be good, just what we need.

In the meantime, I am a ball of anxiety and excitement on the edge of crazy.

We’ve been selling stuff that we will not be able to take with us to our new home. We will be significantly downsizing from the spacious 4 bedroom parsonage that we have been blessed to live in the past three and a half years. We will be moving into our first home, a neat and tidy three bedroom town home that is just right.

Today we sold something on ebay that I needed to ship via UPS, and the crazy lady decided to reveal herself at the UPS store. When I pulled in, I was in the processes of ending a phone call with my dad as I got the package out of the van. A man coming of the store saw me getting the box out (which was pretty big) and decided to hold the door for me. I wasn’t quite ready to go in because I was still trying to end my phone conversation, but I hurried along so I didn’t hold the guy up. As I walked into the store I realized that I didn’t shut the van door, but I told the guy who held the door I would get it with my remote when I walked into the store. I get into the store, hit the button and the other door starts to open. Now both doors are open, and I am trying to figure out which button to push when I somehow manage to hit the panic button. Now the van is honking and flashing with both doors wide open, as the man who held the door for me is trying to get into the passenger seat of the car next to mine.

Wow. Could it get any worse? Yes.

I was totally embarrassed, and felt I needed to save face by talking to the clerk at the UPS store about the events that just transpired. “Man, I am having one of those crazy lady days”, I say as cool as possible. If I admit how much of a fool I just made of myself, then at least I am aware of it right? There is nothing worse than a crazy person that doesn’t know they are crazy.

While I was there I bought a mailing tube to store the puppet stage that my mother-in-law had made for the boys with fabric and tension rods. As I am I getting into the car, I put the mailing tube in front of me and it gets stuck in the door frame in hits me right in the mouth, HARD and busts my lip. I start laughing hysterically at this point, looking for someone to come around the corner to drag me off to the sanitarium. Then the clerk from the store comes running out to catch me because I left my drivers license on the counter in the store.

It was bad. I wish that I could have captured it because it was hilarious.

Has your inner crazy lady ever made a surprise visit?


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Jamie is a creative-techie mom, raising three boys under three (twins!) with her husband in Pennsylvania. Jamie now writes at The Red Robinson,


  1. Wait, your inner crazy lady doesn’t stay in town full-time?? Because mine sure does…

  2. Hysterical! Since Jack came along, I’m full-time crazy lady. I hope it’s just a phase! lol:)