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Big Changes at Christmas

It’s hard to believe how much has happened since last Christmas. Last December I was 6+ months pregnant with our twins when I started having preterm labor scares. It was an unseasonably snowy winter last year and I remember interrupting Alex’s all night paper writing session to drive me to labor and delivery at 2 a.m.. Thankfully, my contractions had died down shortly after we arrived. I felt pretty embarrassed, like maybe it was all in my head and that what I was feeling were not contractions.

Little did I know that two weeks later, my water would break when pulling into our driveway after a morning of cleaning house and then having lunch with some friends. I knew immediately that it was my water that broke and I did not just pee my pants. I called my OB who had me come in immediately. They did a test when I got there and determined that it was amniotic fluid and sent me to the hospital immediately to be admitted. I am so thankful that even though my water had broke I was not going into labor.

I had Alex stay home with Will because he need a nap and I knew that the next hours were going to be pretty hectic. I was only at the hospital Will was born in for a couple hours. They had to transfer me  to the specialty hospital via ambulance because I was only 28 weeks and they did not have a NICU on site. It is weird to ride in an ambulance when you feel perfectly fine other than your body leaking amniotic fluid.

December 21st I began my four week hospital stay until I finally went into labor January 21st with our twins who were delivered via c-section. Our families had made plans to visit us for Christmas that year because we thought it wouldn’t be good for me to travel so far away from home. Boy, that was one of the best decisions of my entire life!

Christmas last year was hectic because of everything else going on. I was sad that we couldn’t have Christmas in our home with our 18 month old who was really starting to play and enjoy toys. But our family brought Christmas to me. My mother-in-law had a little Christmas tree for me to put in my room and some other decorations that made it nice and homey.

This Christmas is hectic too as we are preparing to move 8 hours north mid-January for my husband’s new job post grad school. There are so many things changing this year, and we have been looking for as many ways possible to cut back because we are going to be buying our first home. But I have decided that even with all of the chaos, I want a normal Christmas.  So today, I baked cookies with homemade icing! We may not have the money this year to buy many gifts, but little things like baking cookies, decorating, and going to see Christmas lights help me enjoy life today.


Yes, we are moving in a little less than a month; but right now it’s Christmas, let’s party!  

Is your Christmas a little more hectic than usual this year? What is the craziest Christmas season you’ve ever had?

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