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Advent Activities

We are 18 days from Christmas!  That means we’re also one week into our celebration of Advent, where we anticipate the arrival of Christmas.  My Muffin Tin Advent Calendar has been a big success (both at home and in terms of the number of people who have found and liked the tutorial) and I wanted to share some of the things we have done for our Advent activities each day.

Day 1:  Open a present!

A few days before December 1st, I saw one of the VeggieTales Christmas DVDs in the $5 bin at Walmart and instead of waiting for Christmas, I made it their first Advent activity to open and watch their VeggieTales movie.  So while I realize it kinda strays from the idea of truly preparing for Christmas and making it less about presents than the reason for the season, it’s cute and cheap and VeggieTales.

Day 2:  Make Christmas cookies with Mommy.

I’m not going to lie.  I saved this one until our 21 month old went to bed.  If you’ve never attempted to make cookies (from scratch) with a toddler and a preschooler, I can’t say I recommend it.

Day 3:  Go to a Christmas parade.  Go to a basketball game.  Take cookies to a friend.

This was a pretty busy day!  And no, a basketball game isn’t necessarily a Christmas activity, but that’s one of the reasons I love preschoolers.  Everything is so exciting to them and you can make absolutely everything special.

We went to the Christmas parade in town with some friends and then went to a basketball game at a local college where several of our college-age friends were going to be and delivered our cookies to them.

Day 4:  Drive around and look at the pretty Christmas lights.

This one we slipped into part of our regular routine, which is going to Sunday evening church.  We had a special service that night and picked up burgers on our way home and then just drove around our neighborhood to look at the lights.  It was raining and was quite late, so we didn’t want to drive all over town in search of lights.  But we did drive down a few different streets than normal, so I think it felt special.  I heard lots of “Oooooh!  Nice!” coming from the backseat.

Day 5:  Read “The Christmas Story.”

I have the Golden Books version of the Biblical Christmas story.  I’m not sure I would recommend this version to anyone planning to read it to a nearly-two year old and a 3 year old.  I was on my own for bedtime and as I read the book, the boys were climbing on me, jumping on the bed, and generally acting like maniacs.  It was a tender moment, it really was…

Day 6:  Make a Santa with Daddy.


Simple crafts are the best kind of craft.  Our Santa craft needed only construction paper, googly eyes, a marker, glue, and cotton balls.  My husband doesn’t exactly love crafting with our kids, so I got everything completely ready for him (I cut out the shapes, made little marks where the eyes and hat should go) and then stood by with the camera.  I think they turned out pretty cute, don’t you?

All in all, I’d say it’s going pretty well!  Miles asks to do the number every day (somehow he remembers what number we’re on without seeing them) and seems to really enjoy the activities we’re doing.

One of the great things about doing an advent calendar like the one I did is that if your plans change and you need to swap activities around, you can do it really easily without messing up the entire calendar.

What activities are you doing with your kids during advent?  Which one are you most excited about?


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