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A New Challenge

My children have upped the ante.

You know how last week I was whining about how my kids aren’t sleeping in their beds and how things had to change?  Well, apparently my children are reading the blog.

It has nothing to do with this topic, but here's Spencer hoarding all of his uncle Carter's Xbox controllers

Last night, two nights into our visit at my parents’ house in Tennessee, Spencer (who yesterday was exactly two months away from turning two) learned how to climb out of his Pack N Play.

He fell asleep FAST while I was nursing him (no nap and a busy day at Grandma’s will do that to you) but when I put him in bed, he immediately woke up and started throwing a tantrum.  After a little bit he calmed down and seemed to fall asleep a few times, but my mom decided to try and lay down with him the next time he woke up crying.  When she went in the room, he was sitting on the king size bed in the room.

What is it with my kids?!  They have now both learned to escape their sleep jail while out of town.  Miles learned this new skill on his 2nd birthday, while we were vacationing at the beach AND my husband and I were enjoying a date night while the kids stayed at the beach house with Grandma and Grandpa.

He’s quite the climber and I’m pretty surprised he hadn’t done it before now, but this definitely adds a new element to our “What do we do about the sleeping?!” wondering.  Now we’ll have two little boys who can find their way to our room at night.  Two little boys who will avoid taking naps by playing in their room and coming out 10,000 times.  And that’s another thing…Spencer has been napping in the Pack N Play up in the bonus room.  We have a baby gate at the top of the stairs, but I don’t trust him up there anymore.  Now where will everyone nap?!  Oh my.

Let’s hear your stories about crib-to-big-kid-bed transitions.  Are you a toddler bed family or do your kids go to twin beds right away?  Or do you even do real beds at this age?  How did you know your kid was ready? 

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