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Review: Sol Pals Solar Night Light

Night lights are comforting to a child who is afraid of the dark and help everyone in the house from running into things in the middle of the night.

This year at the ABC Kids Expo, Krista and I learned about an energy efficient and safer alternative to traditional night lights, Moonbeams SolPals Solar Night Light. SolPals lights are solar powered so there is no need to plug them into an outlet, making them much safer that plug-in lights.

I received a SolPals Moon Beam Night light to review. Right now our boys have not expressed a need for a night light in their room, so I felt the best place to put our Moonbeam was the bathroom for late night potty trips.

My husband and I sleep in the room next to our bathroom with our door open, so I was a little hesitant to put a light in the bathroom because past attempts have ended up getting unplugged. Not with the Moonbeam! The moonbeam has a soft blue LED light that illuminates the bathroom well so that you can see, but not too much light that it would disrupt sleep. This was a great plus for our family because we sleep best in the dark!

For a back up energy supply the Sol Pal uses two AA batteries as a back up supply. It suctions to the window to draw power during the day and illuminates at night. We had a few overcast days were it was really dark outside and I was pleasantly surprised that the night light did not come on until nightfall.

The night light looks large in comparison to other night lights, however it’s size allows it more versatility and gives it the ability to flex and extend for proper positioning in windows and blinds.

My only concern was with the way that the light head (flower) connects to the rest of the night light. The light should be kept out of reach of children because it could easily be broken if the were to twist the light head too hard or pull on it. This would not prevent me from purchasing more lights for my home though.

What I love about SolPals are the peace of mind they give me in knowing that my child can be comforted, having a soft light that doesn’t wake me up when I go into the room, and knowing that I do not have to worry about the risks of power outlet shock and injury.

I would love to see the moonbeams come out with some other shapes on the light heads. Right now they offer a flower and a star in the Moonbeams line.

Here is a video demonstration of SolPals to show you how they work.

If you are thinking about getting night lights and you live with a child, I strongly suggest you check out SolPals. The price may seem a little high, however it seems a little steep for a night light, but when you consider the energy efficiency and safety it is a steal!

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